A merchant in Delhi offers a ledger book used to track pay for government employees. David Kestenbaum/NPR hide caption

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Several embarrassing controversies have marked the run-up to Shanghai's World Expo. One centers on the event's mascot, a bouncy aqua blue cartoon character with big eyes called Haibao (right). Many have pointed out Haibao's resemblance to Gumby, originally an animated clay figure who appeared on U.S. television. Donald Bowers/Getty Images Feng Li/Getty Images hide caption

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Chinese J-10 fighter jets pass an air force officer on the tarmac at the Yangcun airbase of the People's Liberation Army Air Force in Tianjin, southeast of Beijing, April 13, 2010. Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Korean Air cargo planes sit idle on the tarmac at the Incheon International Airport in Incheon, west of Seoul, South Korea, on Monday. Every day, on average, 10,000 tons of goods are airfreighted between Asia and Europe. But none of that has moved for the past week after Iceland's volcanic eruption. Lee Jin-man/AP hide caption

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Rescue crews stand on ruins as they mourn for earthquake victims Wednesday in Gyegu Town in China's Qinghai province. Jiang Hongjing/Xinhua/AP hide caption

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The Sun Yat-sen copper dollar, issued in 1932, was China's first national coinage. Shen Cichen/NPR hide caption

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