David Aaronovitch writes a column for The Times newspaper in London. In 2001 he won the George Orwell Prize for political journalism. Nigel Barklie hide caption

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The Ramones in a 1981 promotional photograph. Joey Ramone is second from left. Sire Records/Getty Images hide caption

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Goodell's most recent book, Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future, considers the perils of coal dependency in America. Eric Etheridge hide caption

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Thomas Ricks is a veteran journalist and senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, a bipartisan think tank that studies national security issues. Alex Wong/Getty hide caption

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Garry Wills other books include "Negro President": Jefferson and the Slave Power and a multi-volume biography of Saint Augustine. Charles Rex Arbogast/AP hide caption

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Shankar Vedantam is a science writer for The Washington Post and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. Gary Knight hide caption

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The 'Thousand-Day Queen': Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII's lover for more than half a decade, but once married and crowned, she was his queen and consort for only three years. hide caption

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