Derailing A Diet, For A Good Cause : The Baby Project Lucy Peck decided to abandon a rigorous exercise program after learning she was pregnant.
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Derailing A Diet, For A Good Cause

Lucy Peck at five months pregnant. She was excited to buy maternity clothes, calling it "the best day ever." Courtesy of Lucy Peck hide caption

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Courtesy of Lucy Peck

Lucy Peck at five months pregnant. She was excited to buy maternity clothes, calling it "the best day ever."

Courtesy of Lucy Peck

Ever heard of the workout program P90X? It's a pretty aggressive workout/diet program. In December 2010, my husband and I had just committed to 90 days of grueling workouts and a brand new diet plan. We set our start date for Dec. 6. On Dec. 3, I realized I still hadn't had a period for November. Not to worry, though, right? I'd been off the pill for a few months, my body was still probably trying to get on track without it.

Over the next two days, though, I had a growing suspicion. On Sunday, Dec. 5, as we were getting ready for bed, I tried to prepare my husband for the possibility of pregnancy.

Me: So, um, I think I might be pregnant.

Him: (eyes wide): .... OK ...

Me: I'm not sure, I haven't taken a test or anything yet, but it's been a while and I still haven't started my period. I'll wait a few more days, and if it hasn't started by Thursday, I'll go get a test and we'll see, OK?

Him: (all blood drained from his face): ... OK ... You really think you might be? Maybe you just miscounted ...

About Lucy

Lucy Peck, 27, of Logan, Utah, became a first-time mom on July 29, when she and her husband, Aaron, welcomed Dexter Aaron Peck into their lives.

Me: It's entirely possible. That's why I want to wait until Thursday. You OK with that plan? We can still start P90X tomorrow.

My plan was to wait, but Aaron was just too impatient. On Monday, I bought a digital pregnancy test. I didn't want to have to interpret any kind of line, or plus or minus sign — I wanted to know for sure.

I got home from work, went upstairs and took the test. I didn't even have my belt buckled before the little digital display lit up with "Pregnant."

I can't begin to describe all the thoughts that went through my head at that moment. I was all over the place — from, "I'm going to be a MOTHER"; to, "There is something growing INSIDE ME RIGHT NOW"; to, "I still have to make dinner." My hands shook as I sanitized the test and buckled up. I tried to keep my face impassive as I handed Aaron the test. He took one look at it and his eyes widened, bigger than I've ever seen them.

I kept looking at the display on the test, making sure I had read it right. As gross as it might sound, I kept that test by my bedside until the battery ran out and the screen went blank. I kept staring at it. That word, "Pregnant," suddenly had a lot more meaning than it ever had before.

Needless to say, I did not participate in the full ferocity that is P90X. I tried that first week, but there was so much jumping and moving around. I only lasted about a week on the diet, too. I couldn't do the "no carb" plan. Plus, all the meat and protein we were cooking was starting to make me ill. I still can't even look at a turkey sandwich without feeling queasy.

Lucy and Aaron Peck with their dog Ponyo Courtesy of Lucy Peck hide caption

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Courtesy of Lucy Peck

Lucy and Aaron Peck with their dog Ponyo

Courtesy of Lucy Peck

The first trimester was by far the hardest. I never threw up, but it was difficult finding an even keel every day. If I ate small, regular snacks and meals, I felt better. I went through a lot of crackers, almonds and peanut butter sandwiches. I'm hypoglycemic, so I have to manage my blood sugar through diet anyway, but adjusting to pregnancy was hard. My body was acting in a way that was completely unfamiliar to me.

And my poor husband — just starting out on a fitness plan, and me barely able to THINK about food. I got to the point where I could either cook the meal or eat it. Not both. If it was a good day, he would eat in the kitchen, and I would eat in the living room. A lot of the time I had to get as far away from the smell of the food as possible.

Once I hit about week 13, though, things got a lot better. My appetite didn't improve much, but I wasn't feeling as sick all the time. We got to see our little bean for the first time on week 12. SO strange to see that little amorphous shape on the screen, and think that it was INSIDE me. We could see a little arm and hand waving at us. Then it disappeared. So cool!

Even though we saw the little bean, heard its heartbeat, and had the doctor confirm that yes, indeed, I was pregnant, it still didn't seem real. I wasn't showing at all, and still couldn't feel anything moving. So for weeks it felt like we were just pretending. Then, my pants stopped fitting comfortably, and I moved to maternity pants. BEST DAY EVER.

That's the advice I give all my newly pregnant friends — make the switch to maternity pants as soon as you can. There is no point in trying to stretch your pants past their point of endurance with rubber bands and hair ties. Get the pants early so it's at least worth it to buy them. That way you're wearing them for many months instead of just a few. My favorite feature of maternity pants? No fly. I just know that after the baby comes I'm going to exit the bathroom more than once with my fly down. Totally worth it!