NPR logo After A Night At The Hospital, The Twins Are Still Wombmates

Andrea Pike

After A Night At The Hospital, The Twins Are Still Wombmates

Last night, Andrea wrote in to let us know she'd been admitted to the hospital. Her twin girls hadn't arrived yet, she wrote, but they were definitely trying to make their entrance. At that point, she was dilated 2 cm and 80 percent effaced.

This morning, she sent an update:

Girls are still wombmates and their vitals look GREAT! I had a growth scan yesterday, and the ladies are measuring at 5lbs 2oz and 5lbs 4oz. Holy beefy babies, Batman!!

I get a second steroid shot this afternoon (to help their little lungs mature), and then they keep me on magnesium sulfate for 48 hours after that, to give the steroids enough time to do their thing. [Editor's note: Magnesium sulfate is sometimes used to stop contractions.]

Even with all of this going on, I'm not the least bit stressed or freaked out. The nurses are awesome, my boys are with their grandparents in Texas, Jeff is ever the doting husband, and we have free Wi-Fi in our hospital room. Score!

Andrea says she's still a little sleepy from some meds, but after a nap and some lunch, she'll try to write more. We'll keep you updated.