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Pitocin And Epidurals — Share Your Experience

We've been posting a number of birth plans from our moms recently, and many are hoping for a natural, drug-free birth.

Lucy and Jolivette plan to use the HypnoBirthing method, and Andrea also hopes to have a natural birth in the hospital with her twin girls. Additionally, Lateefah wrote extensively about her birth plan last week. And Sarah, who delivered baby Finn on July 3, was going to do a home birth, but had a natural birth in the hospital.

Only one mom so far, Christy, was induced with Pitocin and received an epidural, and she delivered a healthy baby girl.

We've gotten a few comments from readers who said they'd like to hear more about Pitocin and epidurals, so we'll be following up with some doctors to tell us more about both drugs, and how they work during delivery.

In the meantime, if you had an experience with Pitocin or an epidural during your birth that you'd like to share, please post it in the comments section below.