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Reflections Of Motherhood: What Would You Tell Your Pregnant Self?


"Motherhood changes you." This statement is both a cliche and well deserving of that "well, DUH!" reaction you just gave it. But I don't think it's too far out there to say most mothers think of their lives in two halves: "BTK" (before the kid) and "ATK" (after the kid).

The transformation that happens once you become a mother is like metal being tempered — it's hard, hot, humbling work, even though it is ultimately fun and utterly amazing.

Unfortunately, before you have kids, you have no clue — no matter how clued in you are — of what's to come.

Nummies, a maker of maternity bras, asked women what they would tell themselves if they could go back in time before the first baby arrived. The video above shows a collection of their thoughts, set to "Days Away" by InAshton.

One of women in the video holds up a sign that says, "It's okay to be scared."

I know what my sign would say if I could talk to my pre-kid self: "Your pants will still fit, but you'll need professionally fitted bras. Spare no expense. Treat the girls nice."

Take a look and tell us what you would say to yourself — mom or dad — if you could be like Cher and turn back time.

Melissa Gray is a producer for All Things Considered.



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