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Which Pregnancy And Child-Rearing Books Are Must-Reads?
An illustration of a baby reading a book in the womb.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've gotten more than a few requests from readers to recommend some books on pregnancy and child-rearing.

Unfortunately, we haven't actually read many of these books ourselves. First of all, there are a gajillion of them. Second, none of the Baby Project blog hosts has reared any children yet (although two have babies soon to come!).

So we're punting it to you, our audience: What are the best books you've read about pregnancy and/or child-rearing? Tell us the name of the book, and why or how it affected you. It doesn't have to be recent — if Dr. Spock is still your man, tell us why.

We'll compile a list of the top choices. You've got one week — until Aug. 31 — to get in your recommendations. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Remember, you're helping out future moms and new moms, so pick wisely.