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Switchtracking, as defined by author Sheila Heen, is when "someone gives you feedback, and your reaction to that feedback changes the subject." Hanna Barczyk for NPR hide caption

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"[Phones are] really a magic portal that allows you to go into another dimension of space and time." — Amber Case James Duncan Davidson/TED hide caption

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"I don't want you in the frame. I don't want you in the window. I want you through the window. I want you on the other side, in the world, inhabiting the world." — Chris Milk Bret Hartman/TED hide caption

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Lily chases sheep for the first time in her shepherd-mix life, at Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm in eastern Pennsylvania. Several times a year the farm invites dogs for "herding instinct tests." Fred Mogul/WNYC hide caption

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Renowned British neurologist and author Oliver Sacks, pictured in London in 1983, died Sunday of cancer. He was 82. United News/Popperfoto/Getty Images hide caption

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Male treehoppers make their abdomens thrum like tuning forks to transmit very particular vibrating signals that travel down their legs and along leaf stems to other bugs — male and female. Courtesy of Robert Oelman hide caption

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A group of British researchers has a hunch that once ancient humans learned to cook, starchy foods like root vegetables or grasses could have given them a calorie bump that fueled the evolution of the human brain. Scott Sherrill-Mix/Flickr hide caption

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Daniel Craig plays James Bond in the film Casino Royale. Dramatis, a computer program, can detect suspense from this scene and rates it even higher as the plot thickens. MGM/United Artists/Sony/The Kobal Collection hide caption

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