Artist concept of the Ares I-X rocket. Courtesy of NASA hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of NASA

In this illustration, new viruses emerge from an infected human throat cell. When you get the flu, viruses turn your cells into tiny virus factories that help spread the disease. Courtesy XVIVO/Zirus hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy XVIVO/Zirus

This retinal prosthesis has been implanted in the eyes of 32 patients. The device receives wireless data from the camera which it then translates into electronic signals that are sent to the brain, restoring sight. Courtesy Second Sight Medical Products, Inc. hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.

The study tested classically trained violinists and pianists, and found that their brains were much better adapted to discern subtle pitch and tonal differences in sound. hide caption

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A snowy tree cricket feeds on a leaf from a mountain dalea plant. Gerardine Vargas hide caption

toggle caption Gerardine Vargas

Wild Sounds

Slo-Mo Cricket Chirps Reveal Secret Serenades

The slight differences in the patterns of cricket chirps are undetectable to the human ear, but may actually determine how crickets recognize their own kind.

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Every time you crack open a soda, your taste buds may help you get the full experience of the carbonated beverage. Arthur Carlo Franco/ hide caption

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A sexton beetle buries a recently deceased shrew. Image courtesy of Fabricator of Useless Articles hide caption

toggle caption Image courtesy of Fabricator of Useless Articles

An aggressive encounter between two male greater prairie chickens (Tympanuchus cupido). During aggressive encounters, males leap into the air and strike their opponent with feet, wings and/or beak. Fort Pierre National Grassland, South Dakota. Gerrit Vyn/ hide caption

toggle caption Gerrit Vyn/

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