Just before he snorted ... Jerilee Wei hide caption

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Benjamin Arthur

Magritte's 1964 painting The Intimate Newspaper gets us thinking: Who is this? A familiar friend or a complete stranger? Rene Magritte/Corbis hide caption

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When this poster was printed in 1900, mind reading was still in the realm of magic. A new computer program capable of predicting individuals recollections has brought telepathy a small step closer to science. Library of Congress hide caption

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A genetic abnormality causes this chicken to exhibit both male and female characteristics. The right (white) side is typical of males and the left (brown) side is typical of females. The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh hide caption

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Chameleons, such as this Chamaeleo calyptratus, feed by way of ballistic tongue projection, which launches their tongues at prey with a rapid burst of speed. Cold temperatures do not slow their tongues down, allowing chameleons to catch meals even when the temperature drops. Courtesy of Christopher V. Anderson hide caption

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William and Laura Betts live on Dana Lane in the community of Moreno Valley, Calif. The couple stand out because they actually paid off their mortgage in 2005. William, who lost his job in November 2009, is glad they don't have to worry about making payments on their house. Tamara Keith/NPR hide caption

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