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FAQs About 'The Bryant Park Project'

What is 'The Bryant Park Project'?
On the radio, The Bryant Park Project is a morning drive-time news show that will change your life, speed up your commute, and jack your test scores 50 points — in whatever order you choose. On the Web, The Bryant Park Project is a glorious digital river of podcasts, videos, photos, blogging, debating, and giblets so cool we're afraid to name them.

Do I belong here?
You bet. Look, they let the rest of us in. Our gang aims to make you feel at home, with surprising interviews and tasty segments soaked in fully carbonated NPR smarts. So pull up a chair, will ya?

Why 'The Bryant Park Project'?
NPR New York is right across the street from Bryant Park — which is where they have Fashion Week, which is sort of like the center of the universe, which is sort of like us. Plus, the boss liked it.

What's the purpose of 'The Bryant Park Project' blog?
Think of it as a combination laboratory, cocktail party, and invitation to take this outside. We'll use the blog to experiment with nifty stuff, from story ideas to multimedia wowees. You might catch a glimpse of what's coming up on the show. You might catch a glimpse of what happened after a story aired. Most importantly, you'll get a chance to have your say — about The Bryant Park Project in particular, or about the wider news of the day.

Watch the blog for stories to love, sites to get stuck on, songs to set on "repeat," and true confessions from Bryant Parkers like you ... whatev, whenev.

Who can comment?
Everyone except your imaginary friend. You don't have to sign up to comment, but that could change as we add new features.

Do you have rules about what people can or can't say in the comments?
Uh, yeah. Discussion rules arehere, in language we can all understand.

Will you read blog comments on the show?
Yes. We live for call-outs.

What if I have a question or comment that I don't want the world to see?
Use the "Contact Us" form. It'll be our secret.

Can I suggest stories on the blog?
We wish you would. Use the "Contact Us" form.

Can I link to your blog?

Will you link to my blog?
Maybe, maybe not.