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Is This Thing On?

Welcome to the blog and our first official post. I won't be too wordy, since the video pretty much explains itself. If you are still confused about what Bryant Park is after you watch the video, have a look at our FAQ. All questions Bryant Park-related will be answered; we're a full-service shop.

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Fantastic! looking forward to the show and reading more stuff in this blog.
I'm in my early 30's, but this show sounds like a great idea. I've been a great fan of NPR ever since I found out about them in Seattle (Ballard, Fremont-love the rain, but now in sunny OC, CA).

Sent by nirz | 9:03 AM | 4-6-2007

no....THIS is NPR. I laughed outloud.

Sent by blake | 5:49 PM | 4-6-2007

Sounds like another "me too" copy of YouTube type stuff. I guess if that's what your audience wants ... I'll stick to the radio version.

Sent by Carole Dunn | 7:02 PM | 4-6-2007

I don't get it. NPR is radio - the web is, like, an after thought.
Please tell Morning Edition to stop telling me to "see" more at their website. I obviously look at the website - but only to see what Ira Glass looks like.
If I wanted images, rather than discussion and the beauty of an auditory image, I would be watching the Today Show. But really, probably not.

Sent by SuToire | 12:42 AM | 4-7-2007

I am so ridiculously excited for this show--you would not believe. I love NPR (I'm in the 20-25 demographic) and think this could potentially be a fabulous edition. I'm excited to see what your team (of two) has in mind.

Early suggestion: just remember to have some good music, though, because All Songs Considered is what got me hooked onto NPR in the first place--that and well, years of listening to Morning Edition on the way to school with my dad (it's called subtle indoctrination).

Unlike the previous post, I actually get 90% of my NPR fix off the internet, so I think this blog is a pretty good idea.

Sent by Cassie | 2:00 AM | 4-7-2007

Niiice - Looking forward to watching this unfold. I think it would be interesting to continue to explore the idea of identity and privacy in the YouTube/MySpace/Facebook generation as it changes and adjusts and finds it's new expression.

Sent by The Sethsquatch | 4:45 AM | 4-7-2007

Haha, yes! I am 17 years old and a big fan of NPR (I've listened to it my whole life). All i can say is this is tight. I especially loved your rendition of the kid-dad-baseball-crotch movies plastered across YouTube. Needless to say, that was funnier than any of the real ones. I'll be checking back frequently. I'm sold.

Sent by Becca Millsap | 8:02 PM | 4-7-2007

Rock on, brothers. I'm in and you're already linked to my homepage.

Sent by Listenerking | 7:19 AM | 4-8-2007

OMG! What is happening to NPR? I don't know, but I love it. First, I get the Michel Martin show and now this. I'm excited and might actually admit to my friends that I listen (and like NPR). My fiance already sneers when he gets in my car (I'm 24, he's 27). Looking forward to what I know will be a great show. Good luck guys!

Sent by Tameika | 1:21 PM | 4-10-2007

This is pretty sweet, and I already dig Luke Burbank, so I as the resident NPR geek of my peers will pass it along!

Sent by Laura | 2:35 PM | 4-15-2007


This seems like a natural course for NPR news/video/media to take. I don't know where it will end up, either, and I appreciate your open attitude regarding stepping into the unknown! Good luck, have fun, spontaneity is a great thing!

Sent by Linda | 9:26 AM | 4-20-2007