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As a non-Christian who resides in Manhattan it is hard enough to handle the onslaught of Christmas-themed stuff when it actually is ???the holiday season.??? Your attempt to satirize the commercial powerhouse that Christmas has become is sorely misguided in that it is way more annoying than amusing. PLEASE STOP.

Sent by Emily | 12:20 AM | 9-9-2007

I love the show.... it's objective, funny, very informative.....a nice mix of the more personal with regular NPR programming...and makes me feel like I'm in touch with NYC..... First Scott Simon....then you!
Thanks...good job.

Sent by Darrylin | 10:21 PM | 9-29-2007

I hearts; BPP. Thank you for giving Generation Distracted a show of our own. I'm a Culture & Politics major at Georgetown University and was finding it difficult to fit a morning NPR show, the Washington Post, the NY Times, and a couple of stories from the Economist into my busy, overexerted day. It's hard to keep informed when you go to school with a gate surrounding the campus. I appreciate you all so much!

Sent by Obehi | 11:43 PM | 10-12-2007

gee, what us guys out here in the heartland?

Sent by todd | 12:03 PM | 11-3-2007

Love your show! It's my new favorite drive-to-work program. I enjoy the energy and variety of topic. Keep up the good work.

Sent by Joanne Z. | 9:16 AM | 11-7-2007

I really like your show. I listen to it just about every day. Something has been bugging me, though, since I started listening back when you were only on the podcast. Would it be possible for you to invest in some mice that are a little quieter? During the phone calls with guests when it is fairly quiet, the mouse-clicking in the background is very noticeable. Just a small pet peeve for an otherwise great show.

Sent by Doug | 9:30 PM | 11-12-2007

Lickable magazine ads? I was sitting on an airplane next to a strange little hairy guy who smelled vaguely of sausages and muttered to himself in a sinister language. Suddenly he pulled the in-flight magazine out of the seat pocket, opened it up, and sneezed into it. Then he put it back in the seat pocket. I have never touched a magazine in a public place since then and I sure wouldn't lick one.

Sent by Carol | 2:12 AM | 2-26-2008

BEST RADIO SHOW EVER. I've been an NPR listener for years, but the BPP actually inspires me to get out of bed in the morning and be in the car before the show starts so I don't miss The Big Story. (I'm one of the chronically late people you guys did a segment on a few months back.) Thanks for keeping me informed and making it interesting and often funny! OK, so I must confess that a big part of my BPP addiction is my not-so-secret [spouse approved] crush on the talented, articulate and oh-so-dreamy Rachel Martin. Her Haiku about wanting to sing touched me and then I realized she would be the perfect singer for my band! So what do you say, Rachel? Want to be the lead vocalist for "The Study"? Keep up the good work BPP - I'm arguably your biggest fan!

Sent by Brian Kirk | 9:49 AM | 4-16-2008

Related to the use of the word "incent" which it IT geek speak, is a word I recently fought over, "message." That is "Message" as a verb, as in "message me."

Even my spell checker knows "incent" is not a real word.

And don't get me started on the IT industry and the people who are attracted to it.

Sent by Elliott M | 8:08 AM | 5-12-2008

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