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Listen to Teddy Thompson perform live on The Bryant Park Project

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Teddy Thompson Performs On The BPP

Teddy Thompson Performs On The BPP

Listen to Teddy Thompson perform live on The Bryant Park Project

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Credit: Verve Records

At age 18, Teddy Thompson moved from his home in England to Los Angeles and started a band. It seemed just about the right course for the son of folk legends Richard and Linda Thompson. He's toured with Rosanne Cash, and his last album, Separate Ways, was a critical success. His new album, which will be released next Tuesday July 17, is somewhat of a departure from his folk-pop roots — it's an album of country covers, all the music he grew up listening to.

Alison and Luke talk with him about why he decided to cover these songs, and he performs a couple from the album, including an original composition called, "Down Low." We also hear his cover of George Jones' "She Thinks I Still Care," and he plays us out with "You Finally Said Something Good (When You Said Goodbye)"

If you happen to be in NYC next Tuesday, he has a record release party at 7p at Mo Pitkin's. He'll also be performing on The David Letterman Show on Wednesday. Check out his MySpace page to find out when he might be coming to a stage near you.

And if you can't catch him live, this is the next best thing — his performance of "She Thinks I Still Care" from this morning's show:



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excellent interview with Teddy Thompson!
thank you!

Sent by Phil Day | 1:18 PM | 7-28-2007

I'm a 61 year old country music fan and have been my entire life. Teddy Thompson is one of the best country singers I have heard in a long time. I know he will make it to the top. I pray it is soon. He's got an awsome voice!

Sent by Beverly | 8:44 AM | 8-29-2007

He's just wonderful! This is the kind of country music I grew up on. Definitely buying the album.

Sent by Mo | 7:37 PM | 8-29-2007

Just heard Teddy Thompson, probably was a fan of Richard's before Teddy was born---Linda's not bad either!! Oh Yeah---keep the show going!!

Sent by Lester | 8:45 AM | 8-30-2007

Most people have still not discovered Teddy. What a shame! One of the best voices anywhere, in country, folk or rock. In person, he is also just spectacular. He is smart, funny and a natural musician. Find him, tell your friends!---I've been a serious rock, pop, and country fan for many years. Seldom have seen better.

Sent by wilfredo | 5:28 PM | 8-30-2007

Caught a portion of TT's interview the other day and was curious to hear more.
I've worked with alot of musical stars of various genres. I think he'll be around for awhile. Thanks for the video segment as well.

Sent by Greg | 6:45 PM | 8-31-2007

I'm definitely not a country music fan by nature, but this Thompson album is what may open that door just a little wider. The one thing I've always appreciated in the art of country or folk music is the storytelling, and Thompson highlights that attribute beautifully.

Sent by Marilyn | 11:16 AM | 9-3-2007

In this day and age of manufactured pop and lip-synching "artists", it is a breath of fresh air to have on the auditory landscape a performer who has the ability to make the listener emotionally connect with the song. Simply, the music is beautiful with a timeless quality. I am most definitely share this new discovery with all my Gen-X/Y friends.

Sent by Jen | 9:57 PM | 11-13-2007

This man is the BEST MALE VOICE on the planet!!! He is a truly amazing singer. Hope he goes right to the top, he deserves it.

Sent by Eileen DiBuono | 6:14 PM | 12-2-2007

Anyone know what the last song that was played by TT on the Letterman Show?I was only able to see the last 30 seconds but loved the song..please..and thanks.

Sent by Sparky | 11:20 AM | 12-8-2007

This guy is something else! I heard/saw hime for the first time a month or two ago and had to take a seat. I haven't heard a voice like this since Raul Malo (Mavericks). Country music is dying and Teddy can save it! Yes, a Brit can save country music.

Sent by Shad Garcia | 11:53 PM | 2-29-2008

I first saw Teddy perform with his father in Lawrence, Kansas many years ago. I fell in love with his voice immediately hearing him sing Persuasion (sorry Richard, but he sings it better). This country CD is just divine and the fact he got Iris Dement to sing along only makes me like him more. I hope he comes back to Lawrence soon.

Sent by Dottie | 12:39 PM | 3-6-2008

Heard him for 1st time today. Like his music!

Sent by Strapper | 10:42 AM | 7-5-2008

As a singer I am particularly moved by a vulnerability that Teddy communicates when he sings.I'm a true fan at 58.I've been following his developing career for a few years with anticipation of great accomplishments.Love singing duets with him on the way to work. Thanks Teddy.

Sent by steve | 1:00 PM | 7-13-2008