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The Best Song In The World Today

The Best Song (And Dance) In The World Today!

Forget chocolate in your peanut butter, You Got UNK In My Fosse!


Here's what: Last September Atlanta rapper UNK dropped Walk It Out, a catchy little dance number you probably heard blaring from finer house parties and parked Escalades the nation over. Of course, catchy hip hop songs are like romantic relationships with Paris Hilton, they wither and die after about three months. Enter Bob Fosse. That Bob Fosse? Yeah, that Bob Fosse, the legendary American choreographer. Some genius person figured out that Walk It Out goes perfect with an old 60's Fosse dance routine known as Mexican Breakfast. The crazy thing is how well the song works with the dancing, even though they were recorded 40 years apart.

If you're at work, turn up your speakers and have a One Minute Dance Party.

Oh, and here's the original music the routine was set to.



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This is an incredible video. I bow at the feet of whoever put this together. Pure, simply genius!

Sent by Liz | 7:17 PM | 7-10-2007

Liz, I totally agree. I cannot stop watching it. Every time I see it, it blows my mind.

Sent by Matt Martinez | 7:27 PM | 7-10-2007

Truly amazing! Thanks for bring it to our attention (or actually to the attention of Ben at I Can't Believe It's Not Better).

Sent by Matt | 1:35 AM | 7-11-2007

I'm 26, & I've walked it out all over...they're actually WALKIN IT OUT! LOL that's awesome!

Sent by Rio | 1:51 PM | 7-11-2007

Gwen Verdon was smoking! So much so Fosse married her after he cast her in Damn Yankees. That film featured a dance routine that puts the Pussy Cat Dolls to shame. Watch this from about 4:30 on...and you know why Lola gets whatever Lola wants.

Sent by Alison Stewart | 2:18 PM | 7-11-2007

That's art.

Sent by Annie | 2:20 PM | 7-11-2007

Fantastic... This is easily the video mash-up of the century :) Great job!

Sent by Tim Hughes | 3:04 PM | 7-11-2007

Tim -- great job indeed. Whoever did it. We've been trying to track down the person that did this...anyone out there have any idea?

Sent by Matt Martinez | 3:11 PM | 7-11-2007

So, does the true UNK video go with the Mexi Breakfast song, I wonder? That would be a truly amazing!

Sent by cj | 3:47 PM | 7-11-2007

This is awesome...but I'd really like to see the three of you do your own version, ha...and maybe get a 4th to beatbox in the background

Sent by Elyse Eisenberg | 3:49 PM | 7-11-2007

Really fun. Althought the sync of dance and music is really good, the choreography timing seems to be a little bit off. If you watch the original video, you might notice that the mashup artist has shifted the choreography by one beat. It works well in some parts, less so in others.

Sent by Adam | 7:12 PM | 7-11-2007

what 60's show is this dance routine from?

Sent by Lora | 9:21 PM | 7-11-2007

Lora - the dance is from the Ed Sullivan Show. We are still trying to find out who did the mashup.

Sent by Matt Martinez | 10:41 PM | 7-11-2007


Sent by nana | 11:01 AM | 7-13-2007

Yet another version:

Sent by Sean Powers | 9:48 PM | 7-13-2007

OMG! This is almost as good as the Walkit out granny! I love it!

Sent by coffeekween | 12:42 AM | 7-18-2007

hi dom

Sent by Dominique | 2:58 PM | 7-18-2007

Fossee and Verdon were quite the team, out of his many muses I like her the best.

Really what other NPR show could you find this video discussed? Well maybe Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, but still this is entertainment unparalleled.

Sent by Ejiro | 5:20 PM | 7-18-2007