Show Pilot #11: Mine Rescuers Killed, The Week In Iraq, Huckabee Plays Pong

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We lead today's show with a tragic turn of events at the Crandall Canyon mine in Huntington, Utah. In an effort to find the six trapped miners, three rescue workers were killed last night and six others injured when some sort of seismic activity caused another collapse. We talk with Jeff Godell, author of Big Coal (and contributing editor to Rolling Stone) about what constitutes "seismic activity" and how this tragedy changes the rules for the mining industry.

— In "The Week in Iraq" we discuss the four coordinated truck bomb attacks that killed more than 250 people in two remote villages in Northern Iraq. The US military thinks the attack is the work of Sunni Muslims, who've been warring with locals who practice an ancient Middle Eastern religion known as Yazidi. The Yazidi believe that the earth is watched over by seven holy beings, the most important of which is known as The Peacock Angel.

— And, as you probably already know, we've got an interview with former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Huckabee surprised us with his graphic description of a clown regurgitating into a paper sack. They don't call him the funny candidate for nothing. In case you missed it, here's the Luke Burbank vs. Mike Huckabee Ping Pong Challenge video.

— We talk with fashion model/President Bush niece, Lauren Bush, about her World Food Programme Feedbag project. Alison posted about the bag earlier in the week, we received a surprising number of critical comments from you guys and we wanted to open it up for discussion.

- In The Ramble, Luke and Alison discuss the $10 million drug bust in Glendale, California — where the marijuana farmers watered their crops with city tanks, draining half of a 10,000 gallon emergency water supply. The French have implemented a "fast moving carpet" in Paris. It's a moving sidewalk that goes faster than a city bus. We have some fun with the WikiScanner. And we try to wrap our brains around Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle. The mayor wants to install single occupancy bathrooms on the beaches to discourage what he describes as "homosexual activity." Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel City Hall Reporter Brittany Wallman reports that Mayor Naugle prefers the term "homosexual" to "gay" because he doesn't believe gay people are happy.



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Ok, I listened to this on my iPod on my way to hang out with friends. Thus, no play-by-play commenting.

Peacock worshiping = interesting

I'm sorry for starting that anti-buying a product for charity thread. Luke, I agree. It's interesting when you do a post specifically to garner feedback when nothing happens, but then some other post sparks many. It's weird science.

The CIA must really care about light sabers.

Hearing Mike Huckabee talking about the Clintons was really cool. He's appears to have a good grasp on how religion should affect his treatment of others.

This a good show overall.

Sent by Steve Petersen | 12:44 AM | 8-18-2007

Steve, I don't think you oughtta feel bad about starting that thread. It was interesting, both on the blog and on the show.

It was interesting to hear Mike Huckabee talk about the notion that Americans might consider voting for someone whose values they don't necessarily agree with if they feel that candidate is a genuine and straightforward person. I think he's onto something there. It's the whole "who would you want to have a beer with?" thing. But I don't think it's very healthy for our democracy. We're better off when people vote for someone who is going to try to enact policies they agree with. But it may be smart of him to take that approach.

Also he has a really good radio voice.

Incidentally, Luke is so right about Crooked Rain Crooked Rain.

Sent by Maura | 7:30 PM | 8-19-2007

Thanks, Maura.

Sent by Steve Petersen | 12:20 AM | 8-20-2007

It's great to have Alison back in a format similar to her days with Anderson Cooper on WNN. And it's been great hearing Luke on "Wait Wait." Can't wait to hear the show on terrestrial radio, formerly known as ... radio.

Sent by Thomas Heald | 4:28 AM | 8-20-2007

It's the whole "who would you want to have a beer with?" thing. But I don't think it's very healthy for our democracy.

Great point, Maura. Mike Huckabee may be the first candidate who scares me by virtue of being so darn likable...

Sent by CABF | 11:28 AM | 8-20-2007

I can't wait to see/hear more of the BPP! While I am not as techno-savvy as many of the other BPP fans, just checking the web site each night gives me food for thought and usually a good laugh.

I too was a big fan of Alison (and Anderson) on World News Now and look forward to this new, edgy and quirky way of addressing the day's issues.

Sent by Christine | 11:38 PM | 8-21-2007