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Huckabee Deals with a New Kind of Media Spin

Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee shed some of his his underdog status when he came in second place in Saturday's Iowa Straw Poll. Many Republican voters are giving him a second look, and he's taking advantage of his new found celebrity on the talk show circuit. He swung by NPR New York yesterday for an interview. In all honesty, he wasn't here to do an interview with us. But, Luke and Alison asked nicely if he had an extra few minutes to talk — you can hear that interview when our show pilot #11 is posted later today.

In our interview, Huckabee stressed how much of a real candidate he was — how he was not as handled or as much of a "stuffed shirt" as other candidates. Luke asked the governor to prove it, and challenged him to a game of ping pong at the BPP's makeshift ping pong table. Behold that remarkable display of raw athleticism right here (and come back later to hear the interview that sparked it all):



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Wow! Congrats, on snagging a presidential candidate while in the pilot phase.

Sent by Steve Petersen | 12:53 PM | 8-17-2007

Thanks Steve -- it wasn't so much that we snagged him, it was more that he fell into our lap. He was a good sport.

Sent by Matt Martinez | 1:05 PM | 8-17-2007

I think Huckabee might have found his running mate.

Sent by Sean Powers | 1:48 PM | 8-17-2007

Well played! Here's hoping you can snag Ron Paul for some handball. Or maybe Obama for a game of four-square?

Sent by andy carvin | 2:59 PM | 8-17-2007

If Dick Cheney happens to fall into your lap, I don't recommend skeet shooting.

Sent by Kyle Lowden | 3:26 PM | 8-17-2007

I am already a Huckabee supporter, but this just shows how much of a down-to-earth man he truly happens to be.

Your show sounds like a winner...cant wait for it to start.

Sent by Bruce Gresham | 3:38 PM | 8-17-2007

Huckabee's gonna win

Sent by Slick Willie | 11:54 AM | 8-19-2007

It seems your videos are not in the proper format to sync with my ipod. At least that's what my itunes says when I try to do so. Would be nice if it did!

Sent by Mark | 11:27 PM | 10-10-2007

It sounds like the ball was cracked.


Sent by Robert Trudell | 11:50 PM | 11-16-2007