NPR logo To iPhone or Not To iPhone. I Wasn't Sure...Until This Morning

To iPhone or Not To iPhone. I Wasn't Sure...Until This Morning

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It has been 24 hours since my phone flipped out of my hand and crash landed on the corner of 93rd St. and Lexington Avenue. I'm doing pretty well considering my wireless world has been rocked. When I have mentioned to people my cell phone rests in pieces, a few have said enthusiastically, "Now you can get an iPhone!"

So I thought about it overnight before canceling my insurance claim. They look really cool. Maybe it was a sign from the igods to go ahead and be an early adopter for once in my life.

And then I saw this article first thing this morning in USA Today "How Many Trees did your iPhone Bill Kill". The article describes these huge bills early iPhoners are now getting. The bills are not only huge in terms of the amount owed to the phone company but also in terms of how many pages long they are — 30, 40 or 50 pages in some instances.

One comely blogger posted this clip about her iBill experience. (Thanks USA Today for pointing this out!)

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