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UPDATED: Dallas Saggy Pants Song: Homophobic?

Interview: Dooney Da' Priest explains that in jail, showing your boxers is a way of signaling sexual availability to other men.

No sooner had we blogged a Morning Edition piece about a push to stop kids in Dallas from wearing saggy pants than BPP listeners snagged on a lyric in the campaign's signature song, "Pull Your Pants Up," by Dooney Da' Priest.

Listener Andrew Jones transcribed it this way: "You walk the streets with your pants way down low/ I don't know/ looks to me you on the down low."

The "down low" is slang for keeping something secret — perhaps most commonly same-sex encounters.

Jones commented:

It's cute when homophobia is part of a citywide campaign. Shaming the youth by calling them gay, love that from the government.

We're working on an audio segment about this, and we welcome, encourage and otherwise beg you to take this up in the comments. Check out the audio link and tell us, is "Pull Your Pants" up homophobic? Is it just another case of prison culture exported to the streets? A little of both?

UPDATE: Dooney Da' Priest talks to the BPP.



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During college, I worked in a video store with a sizable adult section. Although it's almost a given that adult film actresses will take part in girl-on-girl scenes, it was rare enough to see black porn starlets perform in these scenes that it had become a specialized taste, with a small selection of specific videos devoted to them. (And at that time -- 15 years or so ago -- there were even fewer videos starring gay African-American men.) When even within the porn industry, African-Americans performing homosexual acts is considered kinkier than usual, it's clear that there's still a pretty strong taboo there.

Sent by Stewart | 11:44 AM | 10-25-2007

I'm not sure how there could be any question about this. The song attempts to get kids/guys to pull up their pants in part by saying that saggy pants make it seem like they have sex with other men. In what way could that be seen as non-homophobic?

Sent by Maura | 12:21 PM | 10-25-2007

If Mr Da'Priest is not here to judge, as he claims, then why does he say that people wearing low-rider baggy pants -- and by extension, gay men in or out of prison -- are less then "real men?" Sounds extremely judgemental to me. Yes, it's a very silly fashion (THANKS, Calvin Klein!). But a tedious song like this, with its tired beats and equally tired heterosexist sentiments, is hardly a ringing endorsement of love, peace and harmony in the 'hood. I wonder if Mr Da'Priest has any equally canny insights to share about women and the notion of sincerity in popular music.

Sent by LD Beghtol | 1:28 PM | 10-25-2007

The "real men" lyrics in context seemed to me to be more of a social conformity technique than as overt gay-bashing. Personally I have always felt that the saggy boxer phenomena was always more of a hip-hop cultural identifier than it was a sexually provocative message.

It is important to clarify though that just because someone is oblivious to how their comments or lyrics may be interpreted does not automatically make them a hate monger.

Sent by Will G | 2:38 PM | 10-25-2007

Well as most of the young kids will be spending some sort of time in prison anyway, it's probably a good thing they know what's in store and the various styles of prison code! But maybe it's just a phase Mr Da'Priest is going through.

Sent by P. Lanado | 9:50 AM | 10-26-2007

I am gay and if this gets these people to stop wearing their pants like that I dont have a problem at all. I find it extremely disrespectful and crude. It is a sad reflection on the black community (I live in Baltimore City which is predominantly black). To me it reflects poverty, anti socialism and lack of respect for your self and others. I think its wonderful that the black community is stepping up to this challenge. I also appluade Bill Cosby for his recent comments regarding this matter

Sent by Shan | 11:37 AM | 10-26-2007

It is also a gender bias. We do not seem to see any thing wrong with female wearing their paints around their hips.

Sent by Jefrey | 11:42 AM | 10-26-2007

To me this represents these want to be thugs, trying to imitate prison life. I think it is really sad though that the people they look up to are prisoners. But it is really funny that they don't understand the true prison meaning of it.

Sent by Phish Phan | 1:37 PM | 10-26-2007

I think its wonderful!!! Women are allowed to display G-strings, bras, panties, etc. why can't guys do the same? Its nice to have something to look at. ;)

Sent by Guy | 1:40 PM | 10-26-2007

Yes, cute is exactly the term I'd use to describe a tax-payer funded media campaign that stigmatizes homosexuality. What's with politicians being so cute lately? (

I am relatively young, but I think I've cultivated a sense of cynicism when it comes to politicians and gay rights. When we're not being openly marginalized by Republicans and the religious right, the democrats take our support for granted and wish we would just go away and stop causing political difficulties for them. Then there's this Dallas campaign. This is just one example of the subtle, but pervasive, marginalization that gays face at the hands of their governments and fellow citizens across the country.

Sent by Elizabeth Schmitz | 1:50 PM | 10-26-2007

This is not a political gay rights issue! This is simply stating that these idiots that walk around imitating "prison life" not knowing what showing their but means. If some of these morons get the message that it means that they are inviting a homosexual encounter, then hopefully the rest of us don't have to see their ignorant butts all day! Wouldn't that be nice! Keep your butt in your pants, where it belongs!!

Sent by Phish phan | 2:22 PM | 10-26-2007

First off this song sounds like it was made by a three year old. This man is a lyrical genius with lines like "walking around showing your behind to other dudes you look retarded". that seems very offensive by its self I have family memebers with mental handicaps. In the end this is a homophobic and very repugnant song. in the end its even more ironic because this man says he is a christan.

Sent by chris | 3:04 PM | 10-26-2007

I teach 9 and 11th grade English at a high school with mostly minority students. I see pants and shorts that are literally worn around the mid thigh to the knees, paired with shirts that are long enough to cover their butt. I think the song is great. The songwriter was not mocking homosexuals. He was alerting the kids trying to be "thugs" and look "cool" to the fact that they don't even know where the fashion statement came from.

I've had conversations about the words "pimp", and "bastard" that originated from hearing students use the word with today's meaning. Students today have no idea where things originated, and that is a major problem with how they perceive things. I applaud the singer for trying to relate to the kids.

Sent by Akasha | 3:05 PM | 10-26-2007

I think the Dallas City Council has run out of things to do or run out of place to waste taxpayers' money. Telling people how to dress is something I once thought only Singapore and Communist China would do.

Americans are creative because they think for themselves, but Dallas is teaching the concept of conformity and try to bring the society to its own sense of normality, at the expense of personal freedom and taxpayers' money.

Sent by P Wu | 3:44 PM | 10-26-2007

That is just funny. I hope it will workout for the best.

Sent by NICK A | 4:55 PM | 10-26-2007

I'm a gay woman and was surprised to read that "being gay" is still considered taboo. How many no.-1 pop singers, television shows and celebreties do we have to have before we understand that "being gay" is far from UNcool. Quite the contrary. Why don't these young men say, "So what?" We're not living in the '80s, are we?

Sent by Madison Claire | 5:28 PM | 10-26-2007

I'm a lesbian, and I agree that black men should pull there damned pants up! I do not like it when women show their asses in public, and I do not like to see men show their asses either! I also understand that the lyrics to this song can be homophoobic to most gays, but the irony of it all is that the majority of these men and boys did not educate themselves on the history of "saggy pants. It is true that it came from men in jail who let other men know they were down for sex.

Just like black people and worshipping a bible that was man-made and named after a known homosexual (King James VI of Scotland and I of England), most of us as blacks do not think for ourselves or check the history behind why we adopt certain beliefs and fashion statements. Most of these men who consider themselves heterosexual wear their pants low because they think that it makes them thugs.

I'll bet you these guys will pull their pants up now! Unfortunately, all it takes is for someone to call these guys gay in order for them to pull their pants up. The joke was on heterosexual men all the time. Or are they really down low like their pants?

Just slow!!!

Sent by alionessroars | 6:22 PM | 10-26-2007

From my frame of reference, this is a signal from the individual saying, "hey, look at me, I have a double digit IQ"

Sent by George Constantin | 7:53 PM | 10-26-2007

If the sweet young things want to show off their booties to guys who like that kind of thing, who is the government to tell them not to do it?

Sent by nk | 7:58 PM | 10-26-2007

"Homophobic" or "homognostic"? Or is "homognostic" homophobic?

Sent by nk | 8:28 PM | 10-26-2007

"In what way could that be seen as non-homophobic?"

Right, we wouldn't want to alarm people of the pants-below-the-buttocks lifestyle with the worry that they might get AIDS.

Sent by H. Phobe | 8:37 PM | 10-26-2007

This song ISN'T "mocking homosexuals"? Yeah, right. Saying "you look like you're on the down-low" is another way of saying "you look GAY". The "down-low" is just another way of saying someone is gay, in the closet, and looking for discreet, anonymous action. --

And if that's not clear enough for you, watch the video above--he makes it abundantly clear that this IS about trying to use homophobia to get kids to pull their pants up. Anti-gay peer pressure is as low-down as it gets. What does it say to the gay kids who are looking for some nonjudgmental respect from their peers?

I guess, for some people, it's too lame to rap something like "Look, man, I ain't no snob/Why don't you pull your pants up, you look like a slob". Even though it IS more to the point.

Sent by Bina | 9:08 PM | 10-26-2007

D'Priest is the reporter/prophet that doesn't exist elsewhere.

He is saying that this ridiculous habit is, indeed, capital letters RIDICULOUS.

He ties in low end jobs and "goin' nowhere!" with this habit.

I work in a school and will make endless tapes of this rap and it WILL be played in school detention rooms. It will ring in their heads and it will change their minds in a way that authority figures cannot.

It should be noted that most truly lack a biological father authority in their own home.

And that's why we're in the mess we have today.

Sent by homebuilding | 9:09 PM | 10-26-2007

BTW, I predict that any and all attempts to use this song to influence the kids will fail. They like to do the opposite of what they're told, and even being told "it makes you look gay" won't work. Remember those two guys who noticed a kid in a pink shirt being homophobically bullied? They got hundreds of schoolmates to wear pink as a show of support.

Oh wait, that happened in CANADA. We don't take kindly to homophobic "peer pressure" and authoritarianism (which seems to be getting touted in the Red States as the answer to all of society's problems, when in fact it's a root cause of them). We even have legal same-sex marriage now. Guess that makes us really screwed up, eh?

Sent by Bina | 9:22 PM | 10-26-2007

My dentist is convinced that the problem with American culture(?) is that we are reducing everything to the Lowest Common Denominator. What was common in the Afro-American culture ten years ago is embraced by the Caucasians and Hispanics today. Then social authorities notice. People are criticized not because of what they do but because of the ones they are imitating. In high school we called them "Whiggers" when they dug rap music and the hip-hop fashion. Bill Cosby is right in stating that Black America must learn to live with White America if there is to be any chance at survival. The tragedy of so many Black males in our prison systems can't help but influence how family life is practiced in the Afro-American community. I do not know what White America should do. Already the Hispanics are surpassing the Afro-Americans in home ownership, productive employment and blending into higher social groups. Wearing a skull cap or a dashekee makes no sense outside of Kwanza celebrations. You cannot have Saint Patrick Day Parades all year and expect to get ahead. Thug culture, or prison culture, or Hip/Hop Culture can be celebrated one day a year if Afro-Americans believe this represents who they really are. Muslim Africans sold the tribal captives to Christian ship captains to be marketed here. There is little chance that religion will solve these probals. We are all heirs of a toxic racism. Education will not provide a way up. These days the schools are violent and drag students down to the lowest common denominators.
The teachers are not paid to teach but warehouse. Social work is substituted for education. Why shouldn't the kids wear their pants around their butts because they are getting exploited by others. Why fight it? No one knows what is expected of citizens in the U.S.A. I think a mandatory two years of public service in the military, environmental protection groups or social service areas with mandatory civics instruction might move many in a better direction. After age eighteen, no exceptions. Military careers could follow afterwards if desired. College could follow afterwards if desired. Paid employment could follow afterwards if desired. Ask not what the country can do for you but what you can do for your country.

Sent by Jack Oxford | 9:31 PM | 10-26-2007

No Question 'bout it.

It's about being gay, and the teen and jobless adult "gangsta's" are just too stoopid to know it.

Besides, who is going to hire them with their pants down acting gay? Just the crack dealers.

Sent by Biff | 10:05 PM | 10-26-2007

Although it is unfortunate that this can be considered "homophobic", that's not the point.
Although it is sad that in the Black culture that being gay is (severely) frowned upon, that is not the point.
The point is that kids are wanting to express themselves in a way populated by what they see their peers do and television tell them without bothering to find out the history behind what it means. If they were not ignorant, given the choice, they would probably decide that "baggy pants" don't exactly fit into the "sex, drugs and thug-n-roll" ideology that those youths love -- ignorantly -- and decide to pull their pants up.
BTW, I am a black male.
I agree with Phish phan, but as a wise barber told me, this is just another phase in a kid's life.

Sent by Earl | 10:58 PM | 10-26-2007

Yes, as soon as those kids hear that they look gay for doing it, they'll stop. And so the stereotype that "gay = bad" is perpetuated. How will the gay kids among the blacks feel? Even more ready to commit suicide than they were before? I'd trade some bare behinds for a few kids' lives any day.

Sent by William | 11:09 PM | 10-26-2007

I thought it was funny....and I don't even care for rap

Sent by warrior | 11:20 PM | 10-26-2007

Those of you who think this isn't homophobic are just like those who think hanging nooses isn't racist, just a "prank." What could be more homophobic than trying to shame boys by telling them they look gay? If you think they look stupid or thuggish or ridiculous or whatever, then say that. But what do any of those characteristics have to do with being gay?

Sent by shelgr3 | 12:05 AM | 10-27-2007

Personally, if I needed a clear picture of the detachment between the mainstream African-American community and the gay community, it???s the idea that local Christian rapper, Dooney, has produced a song with anti-gay undertones. Listening to the song, Dooney points out that pants ???saggin?????? comes from prison, and that by donning that garb young men are suspect to crime (???down low??? still also means criminal) and less likely to hold down a job. While I also personally believe that this is backwards thinking in that people hope to change behavior and not the mentality under which these young men live, I still don't hear specifically anti-gay undertones in the song.

J.W. Richard
Mandrake Society Radio podcast

Sent by J.W. Richard | 1:37 AM | 10-27-2007

I work at an inner-city school where this style of dress is popular. It would be ridiculous to divorce the style from its prison culture roots. I think that the artist is trying to persuade those young men who dress this way to adhere to the standards of their peers on the streets. Homophobic? Yeah, definitely. Persuasive to the targeted population? Yes, definitely. I hope they make a bounce version of it so it gets more play out my way- not with the aim of gay bashing but getting each young man to have more awareness of how he presents himself.

Sent by Jennifer | 1:37 AM | 10-27-2007

This is so overboard it's not even funny. I'm not a fan of sagging britches, but I do know that nobody ever died from seeing someone's underpants. If people want to dress sloppily, so what?

Sent by Richard | 2:26 AM | 10-27-2007

The meaning of saggy pants comes from their belts being taken away in jail but it does also mean they are available as a "passive" partner.

The backwards baseball cap is also from the gays indicating they are available to perform oral sex.

I know because I am gay and laugh everytime I see some teenager trying to look cool but only looking like a submissive "bottom".

Sent by eric | 2:41 AM | 10-27-2007

Oh noes!!11!!! It's homophoobic!! It stigmatizes homosexuality! Eek!

Lessee...without consulting a dictionary... homo= "alike, or "the same." -phobic= "fear of" or "irrational fear."
So, if, by "homophobic" you mean fear of unthinking conformity to something crass and stupid, well then... I salute "homophobia!!!". I think we should encourage all our young people to be homophobic, and avoid crappy fashion trends like the low rider pants.

If by "homophobic" you mean an irrational fear of homosexuals and homosexual behavior, then I don't think the term applies. You see, these kids have a very good, very rational, reason to be fearful of homosexual activity.
As young black men in a major metropolitan area, these guys are statistically very likely to end up in prison. Where they may find out exactly why they should be in fear of unsolicited homosexual behavior.

So, congratulations, Mister D'Priest. You've inadvertently struck lyrical gold.

Sent by Mr. Cheng | 2:53 AM | 10-27-2007

I can think of better things to do than walking down the street and continually pulling my pants up.
Mind you, it has crossed my mind as to whether these guys are gay or bisexual. Quick drop, quick session, and off they go , no one being any the wiser LOL ;)

Sent by james | 4:11 AM | 10-27-2007

Yes, homophobic and childish. Any 4th grader could come up with a dumb remark like "that's gay!" to get what they want. It's pathetic.

Sent by Flood | 4:22 AM | 10-27-2007

Bina, On-Point, Exactly my feelings. Well Done. Huggs!

homebuilding, Please consider a more "refined" approach. I understand the frustration (I currently have one of "these" in my anatomy class at Cal Poly Pomona University. As his instructor, I find his dress annoying. (I really dont cruise 20-somethings - YUCK!).

Encouraging blatant homophobia is unacceptable. And this program/pogrom does this.

I don't think they mean to do wrong, but their approach hints at an underlying anti-homosexual bias. Perhaps one that they don't, themselves, even realize that they (perhaps you) have.
Peace be with you.

Sent by kj | 5:57 AM | 10-27-2007

I started seeing this style while driving a taxi up in Buffalo back in the late 80s. When one is put in jail their belts and shoelaces are taken away so they don't try suicide. Everyone's pants droop when they're without their belt. This style with simply that in mind was easily translatable to the street to establish street cred. I've really heard about this idea of making oneself available for the past five years. I think it's urban legend all for the purpose to shame or embarrass them into pulling up their pants.

Sent by John Cunningham | 6:48 AM | 10-27-2007

Could somebody just clear something up?

Do gay men actually wear their pants around their butts in order to advertised their availability or not?

Sent by ichifish | 11:56 AM | 10-27-2007

Gay at one time meant happy and light hearted. Then it became a an insult indicating a homosexual lifestyle. After that it became a point of pride for the the male homosexual community. Now it is becoming a way to indicate a social unacceptable behavior. Thus is an etymological advancement. Its queer its here so get used to it.

How gay is that?

Sent by Jim Ballantyne | 1:50 PM | 10-27-2007

Just because men from prison say sagging pants are for homosexuals. Who are we as people to be listening and also making decisions on a fact that jailed members of society say a style outside of prison is homosexual. This is America and We as American's have the right to wear and say what we like at any time and some beat down rap song is not going to change that.

Sent by Steven | 4:41 PM | 10-27-2007

Guys walking around with baggy pants deserve any comments they receive. They chose to dress like that; deal with it, then If a dog came running after them, they would fall, get hurt and get bitten, because the crotch is down on knee level, and running just isn't possible! ANYONE walking around of "stylin'" with what used to be called "droopy drawers" deserves any comment he/she gets. If you don't want to hear negative comments, then Pull Your Pants Up!!

Sent by Plummer | 6:57 PM | 10-27-2007

In the report, the rapper himself is wearing a baseball cap sideways and backwards. WTF? Does he realize that years ago in the shipyards that was a style worn by Black boys to let the white supervisors know they were compliant. There had been some protests at the shipyards, and Black boys who wore their hats sideways like that were signalling to the white overmaster that they knew their place and would follow his orders. The rapper is in for a rude awakening when he finds out what he is signalling about his Black lifestyle.

Sent by Damian Richards | 8:06 PM | 10-27-2007

How could anyone claim this song doesn`t show anti gay bias... What if a white rapper had been commissioned to sing a song to discourage whites from wearing saggy pants. ``Be a real man, not a colored boy,`` etc... Would anyone still be ignorant enough to argue, ``Oh, well it`s not racist, he`s just educating white kids on the origins of that fashion trend.``

It`s really ridiculous that any city outside of backward theocracies like Afghanistan or Iran thinks they need to spend taxpayers` money to police the fashion that citizens are wearing. These kinds of campaigns, mixed with the bias in slogans commissioned by the city, just reinforces perceptions of Texas as backwards.

Sent by GregV | 9:55 PM | 10-27-2007

Anyone have a link to the lyrics? Love that song! lol

Sent by Christopher Hill | 12:03 AM | 10-28-2007

It is wrong that the city of Dallas would endorse such a homophobic song. It is also ridiculous they would waste tax dollars on even pursuing this issue of saggy pants, homophobic or not. Poor people? Nah....let's make stupid songs about gay pants!

Sent by Stan | 9:32 AM | 10-28-2007

This is a homophobic waste of time. They should make songs against poverty. Or something good. Not shaming people for "looking gay". Oh ha ha, you've got gay pants. Sorry this is not gonna work. Even without the homophobic element. Because it's stupid.

Sent by Stancel | 10:29 AM | 10-28-2007

I would hope that every black American that has ever felt to be a target of discrimination or racism would stand up and recognize that this is discrimination towards another social class. Fair is fair. Discrimination is discrimination. This campaign is unacceptable.

Sent by Brandon (Atlanta) | 1:53 PM | 10-28-2007

I don't think most of the young men walking around showing their drawers have any idea that they may be advertising their availability for sex with another man. That information alone may be enough to get them to pull their pants up.
That said, OF COURSE any suggestion that gay men are not "real men" is extraordinarily homophobic. You don't have to be a homophobic man to decide it's a bad idea to signal your availabilty to other men. None of the "real men" down at city hall - or the recording studio - were smart enough to figure that out?

Sent by J in Baltimore | 3:36 PM | 10-28-2007

Where do ya'll get off believing this made up BULL about the supposed sexual signal behind the prison image of sagging pants? That's a huge load of cr*p and I don't believe it for a minute. Years before that neo-logical explanation was invented, the more believable explanation I kept reading about was how jail garb for prisoners awaiting trial was handed out to them without any regard to their waist size, and without belts. There are no belts or even drawstrings in jails since they can be used as to stangle someone else or hang yourself. Old and re-used drawers with elastic waistlines soon lost their stretchiness. Therefore lots of prisoners wound up with saggy drawers from necessity, not from choice or any b******t desire to send any b******t sexual signals.

Sent by drl1320 | 11:35 AM | 10-29-2007

Yeah, I don't buy it either -- that saggy pants is a prison sign for "gay and available."

And about the homophobic thing: When the world thinks you're gay (because of your baggy pants, apparently) when you're really not, it's violating. There's nothing inherently homophobic about heterosexuals not wanting to be seen as gay.

Sent by Dynomite | 6:49 PM | 10-29-2007

I've got to agree with several other posters. If the most important thing that the city of Dallas has to do with it's taxpayers money is berate the fashion sense of it's teens then I need to move there. It's obviously got no problems.
Oh, btw. isn't there supposed to be freedom of expression in this country? Remember the quote: " I disagree with every word this man has said, but I will defend to the death his right to say it!"

Sent by Larry | 8:41 PM | 10-29-2007

This is just more homophobic rhetoric, but to rap. This guy has just jumped on the band wagon. I am not particularly fond of all the asses hanging out of jeans either, but that also includes female asses. So, are the women in low riders with thongs exposed NOT real women...oh wait, lets call them hos. Fags and Hos showing they asses! This seems to be the new thing. If you are too lazy, busy or ignorant to get your point across or convey a message, then use force or intimidation. Hell, it works for the government! Shame does not create good behavior; it creates low self esteem and hatred. If you really want to "reach" the youth, maybe you should make the time to talk to and listen to them. I think they'll have to deal with enough bullies. BTW, not all, or even the majority of men, on the down low or those that are in prison sag.

Sent by Judemental1 | 1:23 AM | 10-30-2007

Dynomite. You hit the nail on the head. Is it heterophobic that I don't want to be seen as straight? It's true. I hate it when a woman glances at me in that way. Or, if I get the occasional comeon. To have to explain it? Give me a break. So, I try to gay it up as much as possible. Am I a heterophobe? No.

Sent by dmjnyc | 2:36 AM | 10-30-2007

I spent 4 years in prison, and I can tell you that this supposed "availability signal" is crap. There are certainly homosexuals in prison, but "sagging" has nothing to do with any "signals" they're giving out, and never did. It comes from the fact that -- especially when you first arrive, in 'reception' -- the clothes almost never fit, and you're likely to end up walking around trying to hold your pants up. A prisoner who wants to indicate his sexual preference in that regard would be more likely to rip his prison-issue jeans into short-shorts, knot his shirt into a 'halter top' looking thing, and dye his undergarments pink with kool-aid. It may be that, once the style became popular, gays outside of prison adapted it to their own purposes, using it as an identifier in pick-up spots etc. Prisoners don't need 'signals' like that, because even in a large prison one gets to know everyone with whom you share common interests in a very short time. There's no 'scene' where you go out to meet 'strangers', because there aren't any strangers, basically, and also there's no way to keep whatever you do in prison secret from anybody, because prisoners have no privacy & nothing to do but gossip about each other, and so hinting 'codes' have no purpose. Everyone already knows which are 'available', and the 'fish' who don't know, youngsters, aren't going to 'get the point' of what they're offering via these 'codes' or whatever. The whole idea of it is ludicrous. The only kinds of 'code' or 'signs' going on in prison are gang-related signs, which are used for 'security' reasons and because any gang-related activity is watched closely by the guards. On the other hand, the guards could care less whether the inmates are having sex with each other (unless they were just looking for a reason to harrass them, since it is of course technically against the rules).

Sent by Joshua E. | 8:17 AM | 10-30-2007

First of all, I'm gay and I think the lyric is way blown out of proportion.

I'm also glad someone is taking this issue up. I am mighty tired of seeing people's ass-cracks in public. If the good lord wanted me to see your ass-crack the good lord would have put your ass-crack on your forehead.

It's not to say there should be a law against it. I would oppose that...but I do believe in laughter and shaming someone who's too stupid/fashion "conscious" to pull their damn pants up.

Sent by tim | 10:45 AM | 10-30-2007

I am here to add support to Mr. Da Priest's attempt to reach out to young people and change their mind about the fad of saggin. I will not be distracted by the politically correct rhetoric crying homophobia. Homosexuals can take care of themselves. This is not about trying to change their behavior. This is about helping young men who participate in the fad to know how it is percieved by our society in general. If they want to be successful in this society (does anyone care about that) then they need to be able to discern when to showcase their urban culture and when to mainstream. If they want to be taken seriously and not stereotyped then... pull your pants up!

Sent by Sophonia Rainey | 11:39 AM | 10-30-2007

Dooney, you were put here to send a message and you're doing it. Don't stop! As long as you were doing it thier way, talking about cars, boos, and women, they had nothing to say. But as soon as you start doin it God's way, they have a problem. Like I said in my last ast song, " We're the shepards, that are fixin' to lead the flocks".

Sent by GODSIDE | 5:03 PM | 11-1-2007

It amazes me of how far some people will go to destroy moral standards in this country. Your grandma and granddad taught morals, but noooo lets not teach our kids that anything about decency. Thats what some of you are saying. This man is saying what needs to be said plain and simple. By the way the govt does have a right to protect us from indecent people. Quit hidding behind some homophobe label.

Sent by Bill | 2:57 PM | 11-2-2007

So now bashing gays is OK.. so long as it from the gov't. and is trying to accomplish a completely unrelated mission.

This is the most ludicrous thing that I have heard in a while and it makes me glad that I live in a suburb outside of Dallas and not in the city... sometimes I wonder about Dallas officials!

Sent by MIchael Garrett | 11:14 PM | 11-5-2007

What is interesting is that a few months ago I read a church newsletter that pointed out that SAGGIN was the N word backwards. I never equated that until a black CHURCH newsletter pointed this out. [sorry, I do not remember the church newsletter. It was online somewhere]

The fad needs to DIE I cannot believe it has lasted this long and maybe this scare tactic will work.

Sent by Jennifer | 2:32 AM | 12-22-2007

Saggin' Pants ( baggy pants, sagging )are a trend. There are far worse trends currently being ignored in this country. And, yes, many of the arguments that are being made are related to gay black men in prison. Once this trend reached the white and multi-cultural suburbs, that's when things heated up. Alternatives are available at places like - their pants just look like the style. It actually is a simulated Boxer Top and the pants are one piece and fit at the waist. A white woman invented them, so it'll be hard to say wearing them makes you a gay, black man in prison wanna-be.

Sent by Leigh Snelling | 1:30 PM | 1-29-2008

Last night while I was trying to parallel park on a crowded urban street, I waited patiently while a young man on a bike idly circled his bicycle in front of me on the street. Incredibly, his pants were pulled below his buttocks, and those buttocks were covered with a pair of dirty, grey underdrawers. Charming, simply charming.

This is a staggeringly repulsive style. I can only think of one way to put a stop to it. Middle aged Matrons unite! All we have to do is coax our husbands to abandon their belts and pull their trousers down below their buttocks for a single weekend. I promise the kids will get the point!

Sent by Elizabeth Conley | 8:00 AM | 3-28-2008

I'd just like to point out that "phish phans" are the second-most likely group to be wearing saggy-ass blue jeans.

Sent by Pot, meet kettle | 11:01 PM | 7-11-2008