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Dallas Says Pull Your Pants Up

No more saggin' in D-town:

Saggin' — young men wearing their pants with the waistband closer to their knees than their hips — has been around for years. But a growing number of adults are deciding they've had enough. In Dallas, an interesting mix of politicians, hip-hop artists and white businessmen are announcing a citywide campaign with a simple message: Pull Your Pants Up.



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The musical number was so amusing I almost choked on my broccoli listening to it. It could have been even better though if they had been able to add a healthy dose of suggestive humor to it.

I didn't even know it was possible for someone to write a hip-hop song with the line "pull his pants up" without inserting at least one lame innuendo. A massive missed opportunity in my book.

"Don't pull his pants down,
pull his pants up"

Sent by Will G | 1:29 PM | 10-23-2007

"You walk the streets with your pants way down low, I don't know looks to me you on the down low"

It's cute when homophobia is part of a citywide campaign. Shaming the youth by calling them gay, love that from the government.


Sent by Andrew Jones | 12:50 AM | 10-24-2007


Are you sure that's a homophobic reference? I didn't even catch that. And now that you point it out, I'm still not sure it is what you think it is...

Sent by Joe | 10:38 AM | 10-24-2007

In that context, with that phrase...yeah, he's saying they look gay.

Sent by Stewart | 11:33 AM | 10-24-2007

I LOVED this song (except the slur - RETARDED). Folks don't realize how much he "R" word hurts folks with kids who are mentally impaired.

Sent by Larry | 7:59 PM | 10-24-2007

there's nothing Homophobic about getting raped in jail. The article said it started out as an "I'm available" behind the bars. I'm sure if the kids knew that's where the trend started they would stop immediately! I work with teenagers every day and they are very Homophobic. They would never knowingly promote this.

Sent by tammy | 11:43 PM | 10-24-2007

I do not think this is appropriate or will be effective in getting youth to pull up their pants. In addition how is being gay related to pants being pulled down?

Sent by wil | 5:39 AM | 10-29-2007

I had the opportunity to work in a group home for close to two years. when I explained the source of the sagging pants, many of them stopped wearing.

again, we allow control language to cloud our judgement. in jail, if one is available sexually, they show their bare behinds by not wearing a belt and letting their pants sag. its true. ask any ex con. we need to be talking about rape in jail and how it affects young men coming out.

we need to realize that much of what we assume what masculinity is comes from prison culture.

Sent by Brother Omi | 8:19 AM | 11-6-2007

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