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In Wednesday's Ramble, Alison Stewart and Luke Burbank noted the 50th anniversary of a court ruling that poet Alan Ginsberg's Howl wasn't obscene. Check out this amazing 2006 package from All Things Considered, and read the full poem here.

And now, a care package of links from today's show:



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Just checked out rotten neighbor. Interesting. I'm relieved to see that I wasn't on it.

Sent by Susie | 11:43 AM | 10-3-2007

Concerning the micro trends story from the show, I hope that the 25-44 year old NPR listener is far larger than a micro trend. However, I reckon that the 25-44 year old NPR listener who can tolerate celebrity news is much more like a micro trend than the just "young" public radio listener trend.

Sent by Steve Petersen | 9:16 PM | 10-3-2007

FYI -- Working as a high school English teacher, I thought I'd mention that The "Howl" link doesn't make it through my school's filter. might be a better link for listeners.

Sent by Eric | 9:35 AM | 10-4-2007

Someone better make sure these two neighbors are mapped and indicated. I'd never buy a house in that neighborhood.

Sent by danquayle23 | 1:35 PM | 10-8-2007