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Linkfest: Americans Too Stressed Out

From today's Ramble:

Americans just too stressed / Massachusetts school offers anti-stress classes / New evidence in the case of the West Memphis Three / Kid runs up big tab at strip club



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So speaking of news we can't use, is there an official BPP opinion on the Sunday NYT article on the growing use of the word "vajayjay"?

Sent by Stewart | 10:41 AM | 10-30-2007

Yesterday you mentioned a radio of a musician who is singing with a new partner. I didn't see it mentioned on your blog. Can you remind me who is was? I want to read the NPR interview and download some of the songs.

Sent by Chris | 8:47 PM | 10-30-2007

I'm almost certain this was the story about Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, from Sunday's Weekend Edition. I was pleasantly surprised at that piece myself, because I sure hadn't expected anything interesting to come out of that partnership.

Sent by Stewart | 11:20 PM | 10-30-2007

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