NPR logo TV Reporter Watches His House Burn Down

TV Reporter Watches His House Burn Down

This is the video everyone's been sending around since Monday. Reporter Larry Himmel from San Diego's CBS affiliate KFMB did a liveshot in front of his own house in San Diego County, watching it burn to the ground.

I got a hold of Larry Himmel today as he headed to the store to buy clothes to wear to work tomorrow. He took some time to talk to guest host Mike Pesca about what it was like to watch his home burn. We'll play the interview tomorrow on the radio show.

Himmel was upbeat, and considered himself lucky that at least he knows what happened to his home. He said that in one neighborhood there's a line of about 200 people waiting for police cars to escort them home to see if their houses are still there.

Another interesting note: Himmel said that the day he lost his house, he woke up in the morning to "that sickening sweet smell when fire is bearing down on you." I've never heard of that before. Have you?