NPR logo Updated: When Good Interviews Go Bad


Updated: When Good Interviews Go Bad

Let's establish one thing right out of the gate: We love the band Sigur Ros.

Their music is beautiful and moving, so much so that it doesn't matter that they're singing in a totally made-up language. Sigur Ros is four lads from Iceland, and recently, they were in New York to screen a new concert film Heima at the New Yorker Festival. Their P.R. folks called and asked if we wanted them on the show, to which we quickly replied, "hells yeah".

Anyway, last Friday the band showed up promptly at 11am (EDT) and commenced to give what is possibly the worst interview in the history of electronic media.


It was that bad.

We're not sure if they were tired, or if it was a language thing, or what... but wow. (UPDATE: Music journalist Jancee Dunn sorts through the interview's wreckage.)

Whereas most shows would just bury an interview like that, we've decided to actually show it to you. It certainly made us laugh. We hope you'll enjoy it too.

And to repeat, we love this band. We are going to be the first people to buy their new album "Hvarf / Heima" when it comes out this November. And the concert documentary is beautiful — please go see it if it comes to your town.

Just never invite them on your radio show.