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Can You Grow Out of Attention Deficit Disorder?

There's a story that's been all over the place the last couple days about a couple of recent studies saying that just because kids have behavior problems when they're younger doesn't mean they're doomed to fall behind in school as they get older.

According to the piece in the New York Times, the findings could change the way educators deal with kids with disorders like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Previous research has shown that kids with ADHD suffer from some kind of deficit or flaw, but one of these recent studies by the National Institute of Mental Health says these kids are just developing slower than others. There's also a good piece on this on

Check out the stories and let us know your thoughts or share your stories with us. Are you the parent of a child with ADHD, and if so, have your kids been treated differently in school? Are you an adult who was diagnosed with ADHD or some other behavioral disorder when you were a kid? How has that diagnosis affected you?