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Come On and Zune, Zune, Zune-ah, Zune.....

OK, so the media quivers every time Apple makes a big announcement, but what about the Jan Brady of MP3 players, Microsoft's Zune? I'm not shilling for the company, but maybe, just maybe, today's release of the Zune 8GB player — which supports MP3, WMA, playback video and an FM tuner — deserves a little play.

From PC Magazine:

The new players and updated Zune Marketplace are worthy competitors to Apple's dominant iPod and iTunes combo (and even best the Apple offerings in many ways).

The original Zune was released exactly a year ago tomorrow and never got close to the iPod — Apple shipped 10.2 million of them just last quarter.

No one is crying for Microsoft, Zune's maker...maybe just a little equal time.