NPR logo Crazy Monkeys, Why 9/11 Makes UFO's Matter

Crazy Monkeys, Why 9/11 Makes UFO's Matter

Ramble this:

Monkeys lay seige to Delhi — again/ GOP presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo airs anti-immigration and anti-terrorism ad in Iowa "because someone has to say it"/ Retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's husband has new romance as Alzheimer erases memories of his wife/ Former pilots and government officials invoke 9/11 in petition to reopen the government investigation of UFOs. Note this from the National Press Club conference:

"Especially after the attacks of 9/11, it is no longer satisfactory to ignore radar returns ... which cannot be associated with performances of existing aircraft and helicopters"



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I have to say, I was really bummed to hear Luke's announcement this morning that he's leaving the show next month. While I totally understand the need to be closer to his kid, the more selfish part of me is like "Wait, I finally get a morning show I really really like and now it's changing? I had a hard enough time when they switched the top of the hour music out!" Now I know what people must have been like when Katie left the Today show.

In all seriousness, I think Luke's sensibility is the key to the BPP, and I hope that whoever replaces him is on a similar wavelength. NPR has a nasty habit of introducing New! Different! shows that they then focus-group into bland mediocrity. (Seriously, aren't Day To Day and Here and Now basically exactly the same show?) I really hope that this isn't the fate that befalls the BPP.

Sent by Stewart | 10:34 AM | 11-13-2007

When I was in Delhi last year, I saw monkeys everywhere -- scampering across power lines like squirrels bounding down branches here. The only way I was able to escape it was by dangling a baby arm to its side!

Sent by Spamboy | 11:04 AM | 11-13-2007