The Pipettes Live on the BPP

When we asked the Pipettes what they thought of musicians who insist on "reimagining" their hit songs when playing them live, the sound of six eyes rolling was deafening. As far as the all female Brit-pop group is concerned, there is no greater insult to an audience than this kind of musical bait and switch. For them, music should never be pretentious — and that "fun-first" attitude dominates their catalog. So it was no surprise when they sang us a super-slick, album-grade version of their catchy single, "Pull Shapes" live in the studio.

Check it out:



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I was recently referenced as a "hater" for my comments about Petra Haden and her a capella group. After listening to the Pipettes this morning, I feel fully justified in my previous comments. No excuses -- The Pipettes sounded great even when there were no instruments being played behind them. Sharp and harmonious in the same studio and at same time of the morning. I had never heard of The Pipettes until today and that's a group I want to hear more of. Well done!

Sent by Mark | 10:02 AM | 11-13-2007

I was greatly encouraged by this set. We have tickets to see the Pipettes here in Boston the day after tomorrow (postponed from a cancelled tour last month and, worryingly, in a room that's about half the size of where they were originally supposed to play), and as much as I love WE ARE THE PIPETTES -- the UK issue was my favorite album of 2006, hands down -- I had sort of assumed that they weren't going to deliver live. But even though "Pull Shapes" is a weird choice to do acoustically (on the album, those long pauses are filled with giant Phil Spector-style orchestral swoops), it sounded great. I'm excited now!

Sent by Stewart | 10:49 AM | 11-13-2007

It sounds great but it loses something without the choreography...

Sent by alice | 2:16 PM | 11-13-2007

The songs were acoustic, not a cappella. Definitely instruments backing them up there. But, a cappella is not for everyone, so I wouldn't worry about being labeled a hater.

Sent by Andrew Jones | 12:59 AM | 11-14-2007

Their voices blend beautifully, they are awesome live! Definitely winning hearts and minds in their latest campaign! Three branches of government, three Pipettes, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Sent by Jonathan | 6:44 PM | 11-14-2007

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