The Question Is: Did Anyone Get Slimed?

An Ohio gas station claims to be haunted, and the owner has the video tape to prove it. Some onlookers say it's a plastic bag or a bug on the security camera lens, but maybe it's just Patrick Swayze. At any rate, golf claps to the local reporter for an cheese-o-rific stand-up and some pretty fierce puns.



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Dennis Kucinich is my new best friend. Hate to break it to you Occam, but it's over.

Sent by Will G | 2:51 PM | 11-14-2007

Oh BPP, I am from Cleveland and Action news is definitely the King of cheese-o-rific stand ups and fierce puns. What YouTube really needs is their highlight reel!

Sent by Laura | 1:39 PM | 11-15-2007

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