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Best Song in the World Today

A double-entendre-laced burlesque ditty is honored by BPP editor Trish McKinney.



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That was undeniably awesome. Is the rest of the album that good?

Sent by Will G | 8:56 PM | 12-18-2007

It is indeed. You can actually buy a version of it on i-tunes and listen for yourself! It has a different title and unfortunately no Charles Laughton, but the songs are there, including an incredibly bizarre one called "the Yashmak Song."

Sent by Tricia McKinney -- NPR | 3:42 AM | 12-19-2007

Thanks Tricia, I'm grabbing a copy of this ASAP.

Sent by Cheshire Katz | 10:04 AM | 12-21-2007