Hey, 19! Want to Run a Country? Pakistan, Maybe?


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For the record, everyone in the world seems to be saying that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is not going to be the candidate for prime minister from his late mother Benazir Bhutto's Pakistan Peoples Party.

The 19-year-old did just inherit the party chairmanship, even if his dad is going to be making most of the decisions while Bilawal finishes his studies at Oxford. Whatever role he's going to play, the guy just got handed an awfully big title.

Anyone out there 19 and ready to lay out a plan for Pakistan? OK, anyone of any age? Hit the comments, please.



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He'll graduate, probably in 2 or 3 years.There is a chance that he'll want to assume leadership by then. However, it is refreshing that he's not power-hungry.

Sent by P. Steppling | 3:25 PM | 12-31-2007

I think this is not very responsible decision on the part of Mr. Zardari or others. Don't forget in most parts of the world an adult is a person of 18 years age and Bilawal has been an adult for only a year. And how about the ploitical climate in Pakistan that Musharraf himself has not been able to reign in. He seemed so lost at the press conference and I feel badly for him. I wish him the best but still think this is very irresponsible on the part of his dad and others at the Pakistan People's Party.

Sent by Rohit Saxena | 8:42 PM | 12-31-2007

People, this blog is redundant, even if finishes his undergrad degree at Oxford, he will be too young constitutionally to hold any kind of office.

Sent by Fasi | 1:01 AM | 1-1-2008

I'm 22, but I studied Hindi/Urdu in college and spent a lot of time in class with 19-year old Pakistanis. If given the choice between Musharraf's generation and the bright, hopeful, accomplished Pakistani teenagers I know, I'd take the latter in a heartbeat.

Sent by Sofia F. | 1:54 AM | 1-1-2008

hi, no doubt Bilawal is just 19 years old,but i can see in him Pakistans futures ruler. he is still a teen ager, and its too early for him to make so huge politics descions , but he has alot of time in front of him, besides he ll finished his studies and he ll be guided about politics by others ,espesialy his father,Asif Ali Zardari, so i just hope he ll not going to rule the Pakistan for his status or his career suppose but for Pakistan and for Pakistanis,no doubt Pakistan s need a fresh blood also. i hope just for the best of him,feeling very sorry to him and his family for a the loss of theirs mothers , GOD gives him and his sisters lot of courage, and protect them from enimies.Ameen.
Sadia from Oslo ,Norway.

Sent by Sadia Aroj Ahmad | 7:18 AM | 1-2-2008

After all Pakis are the same stock as Indians, same hereditary dihard habits. We consider the country is the property of the slain parent be it Indra G Rajeev G Bhutto Sr and Benazir Bhutto or down the line as Chief Minister of the state etc. Their progeny alone is destined to lead since evey body else is the scum. Only they are the cream

Sent by The scum | 9:08 AM | 1-2-2008

hey bilawal bhai all the peoples are going to criticise you.but you don't worry allah is with can do every thing but always trust in are too good.i want to have a relation with you.may be of a sister or friend but how i can.i am doing fsc medical.

Sent by anum hanif | 5:36 AM | 1-4-2008

Benazir claimed to be master of democracy. Even in her own party, its monarchy going on. If PPP cannot choose a leader democratically, leave alone any chance that they would put it in a country.

These policticians in Pakistan will never grow up. Musharraf has done wonders with Pakistan, all Bhuttos and Sharifs combined together tried to destroy Pakistan, and Musharraf has been able to hold it together. We are much better with Musharraf rather than some Bhutto or Zardari or Sharif.

Not only Bilawal, rather all politicians and there monarchial thinking next of kins should be barred from doing anything in Pakistani politics.

Sent by Wali Zaidi | 5:30 PM | 1-4-2008

Bilawal bhai dont worry.first people will criticise your ideas but after sometime that will be with you. You can do everything you want but one thing I want to suggest you that always believe on Allah almighty. Allah will help you.GOOOOD LUCK for your future, only you can lead PPP.

Sent by Zunish Sultan | 4:41 AM | 1-5-2008

Bilawal just like your grandfather and mother you are blessed and the choosen one to lead your country.I feel ashamed that i ever supported a dictators regime.but today like million other Pakistani i promise never ever to support a dictator and always stand for bhuttos legacy to restore democracy in my country.Hundreds have sacrificed their lives already and may Allah give us courage to stand firm against these dictators.We have prime examples like bhuttos...what else we need!!!

Sent by zara | 9:02 PM | 1-6-2008

All i want to say is:



Sent by Zohaib Tanwiri | 4:56 AM | 1-7-2008

do u ppl even kno what it means to be a president. it ain't a movie guys, this is reality. there is no way he can run a country like pakistan which is already in so much trouble despite having a president like musharraf. im 19 as well but i don't i can ever run a country. the only thing that he's got in his favour is that his mom was benazir who might've taught him some politics but still that wouldn't have made him mature enough.
i kno there are many to give him sympathy votes but people should really use their brains. it is hardly possible for him to run a shop, let alone a country.

Sent by faiza | 4:38 AM | 1-9-2008

by the time bilawal completes his education at the oxford he will have many competitors waiting for him out there,pervez musharaff's own son bilal.his own nephews and nieces will also be waiting to head the party.already one of his nephews proclaims bilawal to be zardari and not a bhutto. the party may also have to face a major split in future regarding the difference of opinions. but given the fact that he is is very adorable ,secular and unruffled by all the attention given to him, i just hope that one day he does takaovae pakistan as it's prime minister one day

Sent by devangi sharma | 1:05 AM | 1-10-2008

i agree.19 is a tender age to be in politics.But,Bilawal did said he wanted to complete his studies first.That will take 2-3 years.And by that time,he will be 21,22 years of age.But i think that is considered young too.I heard that in Benazir Bhutto list,she mentioned her husband,Asif Ali Zardari to be the chairman of PPP,but why did he pushed the role to Bilawal?i'm confused.I heard that Bilawal said that he did what he was told to do.He also said that he did not claim any sort of aspiration,they called him and he step up.Does this mean that the people representing PPP,just wanted to continue the Bhutto dynasty,by electing Bilawal as their chairman?But eventually,i think that Bilawal will definitely follow his mother's footsteps.Like Bilawal said "I cannot pretend to be like the people living there(pakistanis),but i was fully aware of what is happening."I guess his mother had teached and preached him about politics.But nevertheless,what others think about him are always goin to be a matter.Time will tell!May god Bless You Bilawal!

Sent by Amalina | 10:24 PM | 2-4-2008


Sent by MARYUM | 11:53 PM | 2-7-2008

It was irresponsible of his father to give him this big a responsebility. and what's worse?He cant back down on his family legacy.I cant imagine s/one my age in that position....

Sent by pri | 1:31 AM | 2-18-2008

Some how I don???t think people understand the position Bilawal is in now because he is still just a kid in political standards.I am from Nepal and we have been through the same phase that Pakistan is presently going through. Two years ago, in a dramatic turn of events,we were able to put an end to the king???s ???raaj??? but two years into democracy,things are worse than ever.we didn???t have to face so many problems when we didn???t have democracy. So all I want to say is that people should???nt be pressuring Bilawal to get into politics let alone run the country without being ready to handle this huge task just because his grandfather did it ,just because his mother did it. And moreover, he himself dosen???t seem too keen on it. I can never understand why his father had to put him in this position. Bilawal should have been given the right to choose as an individual???.

Sent by pri | 7:22 AM | 3-1-2008

he is so cute

Sent by mono | 5:05 AM | 3-25-2008

hi i am Arsalan khattak in my view it is the best decision because there is no other person to unite the party.the only choice is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.We also see Benazir Bhutto after Bhutto death he was only 24 at that time, there is relation of love with Bhutto family in Pakistan, so i see Bilawl with bright fuure and the future ruler of Pakistan

Sent by arsalan khattak | 9:03 AM | 4-4-2008

bilwal ur mother was my favourite.she was a icon for me.i want to be a leader just like her.i hope so that u will follow last i will say that iam big fan of urs.

Sent by ahsan mobeen | 3:44 AM | 4-15-2008

all i can say time will judge him let see how long he will be able to restrain the dignity of the bhutto clan.As for pakistan,i hope we survive

Sent by shaha | 9:36 AM | 5-1-2008

Way before the issue of the PPP leadership is resolved, I think we should worry about resolving the core issues of pakistan. If people want democracy then they should bring democracy within their own parties, not make the party a corporate business. Pakistan needs a real leader who will care for the country and its people, who will not fill their own banks with millions of dollars. These politicians need to stop playing with Pakistani peoples hopelessneses, disparities, unfortunes, grave living conditions and bad lucks. Hope all the crooks die and go straight to hell.

Sent by Lull Singh | 2:26 AM | 6-5-2008

its my personal request to bilawal that whatever decision he should take it wisely because the decision he takes may affect him but in some way pakistan also.i wish him best of luck for his future.i wonder how he balances his studies.

Sent by shivi | 2:23 AM | 6-12-2008

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