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Middle School Kids Write Story on Twitter

If you know about Twitter already, skip to the next graph. If you don't, take this on faith: Twitter's a website that lets an infinite number of people make really small contributions to a never-ending stream of content. And that's the best way I can describe it today.

Check out this story being written on Twitter by — so it says — middle schoolers. Latest addition, as of 12:43 Eastern:

I see a light turn on in a window. My eyes lock with a young woman holding a baby. She screams and I start to run.

Bonus: BPP Twitters.



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It's a website, it's a chat room, it's a text messaging and instant messaging service....

Sent by andy carvin, npr | 2:43 PM | 12-17-2007

I think that's pretty cool that people are using twitter creatively! I have been using twitter myself to start conversations with people in my industry and collaborating for projects. And chatting, of course ;)

Sent by cindy*staged4more | 2:19 PM | 12-18-2007

The original Twittory is here (for adults):
The idea was originated by Cameron Reilly. You can read about how he got the ides here:

Sent by Liz Davis | 10:44 PM | 12-18-2007