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Snow Makes Trouble for Ron Paul Blimp


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The Ron Paul presidential movement may be unstoppable on the Internet, but in the real world a few snowflakes can ground it. Winter weather up and down the East Coast is likely going to scuttle plans to send a blimp emblazoned with Ron Paul's name to Boston for a large rally this weekend.

We talked about the campaign stunt on the show this week, and like much of Paul's presidential run it had that "so crazy it might just work" vibe. The blimp features the message "Google Ron Paul" and was going to participate in a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party by dumping some Earl Grey over the side.

(The symbolism is too complicated to explain here but it involves the U.S. Dollar going off the gold standard and the Federal Reserve or something like that.)

But all of that required clear skies. So now there's a Plan B. Paul supporters will probably send the blimp to South Carolina in search of voters who, let's be honest, are more likely to be swayed by political messages on a UFO.

The blimp may still have to weather the crap-storm of regulation. In order to put the thing in the air, Paul supporters have been taking unlimited contributions. They argue that they are just renting advertising space to individuals and so are not subject to federal election regulations. If the FEC doesn't shoot it down (and the Paulites have hired big name lawyers to keep it afloat), then I can imagine the airspace over New Hampshire will get a little crowded with competing balloon, blimps and dirigibles come January.



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This piece isn't colored by your opinion, is it?

Sounds almost as though you would rather people did not make their own choices. Instead, they should side with you opinions.

It is, of course, your blog...isn't it?

Sent by Derek Anderson | 1:45 PM | 12-13-2007

"...then I can imagine the airspace over New Hampshire will get a little crowded with competing balloon, blimps and dirigibles come January"

I doubt it. Which other candidate's campaign has the grassroots that Paul's does? Who organized and paid for Paul's blimp advertising? Who designed the logos etc... it certainly wasn't Paul's campaign. It was the Citizens of the United States of America.

Vote for freedom. Vote for individual responsibility. Vote for America:
Vote for Ron Paul 2008

Sent by Benjamin Bolton | 2:01 PM | 12-13-2007

Independent Ron Paul supporters are doing all kinds of activities in order to get the word out about Ron Paul and his message.

Ron Paul can win. Read President Ron Paul ??? Could He Really Win?

Learn how outside economic and foreign policy events just might elect Ron Paul. in a two part article on how current events outside the political process could elect Ron Paul as President.

Sent by Ron Holland | 4:07 PM | 12-13-2007

To track the exploits of the Good Ship Ron Paul from a different (and funnier) perspective, Wonkette's tracking it's every move.

Sent by Petro | 7:18 PM | 12-13-2007

I hope this guy, Robert Smith, doesn't actually call himself a journalist? This piece sounds more like something out of the Karl Rove play book to slander someone with honor. (aka Max Cleland). Reporters and journalist need to remember what Bush allowed to happen to the media. And remember, Ron Paul is for the constitution, which gives us freedom of press.

Sent by M. Lane Culpepper | 11:59 PM | 12-13-2007

..."South Carolina in search of voters who, let's be honest, are more likely to be swayed by political messages on a UFO." Your condescending comment noted here regarding South Carolinians Mr. Smith is unfounded. Southern speech my be slow, but I assure you, our minds are not. In fact, in the past 7 elections, every winner of the South Carolina primary has gone on the win the Republican party nomination.

Sent by Kimberly Belk, Lexington, SC | 6:29 AM | 12-14-2007

I find the author's remark about South Carolina's voters to be offensive. Please retract your comments and issue an apology.

Sent by Larry Williams | 12:54 AM | 12-15-2007

Poke fun all you want. Ron Paul's fundraising says it all. The real citizens of this country are behind him. In 08, some will vote for corruption, and some will vote for Ron Paul.

By the way, if NPR is listener supported, then the support of this listener has been lost, thanks to poor coverage of the things I care about. My 2008 NPR contribution is going to Dr. Paul, instead.

Sent by James A, Madison, WI | 2:52 PM | 12-17-2007