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Election 2008

Today in Ron Paul

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul and his revolution are all over the Interwaves (and our show) today. A quick look:

1) Ron Paul and the revolution belong on Meet the Press, says Ron Paul's revolution. And until Ron Paul gets invited for "Meet the Candidates," Tim Russert's inbox cannot rest.

2) Ron Paul goes well with Doritos. "Cheese pizza powers the Ron Paul revolution," reports the Chicago Tribune. "So do Doritos, Cheerios and beer. Junk food in general dominates the menu at this rented house, full of young people who've moved in from Seattle, South Florida and points in between to push for the Texas Republican's long-shot presidential bid in the Jan. 8 New Hampshire primary."

Bonus: What's the deal with Ron Paul?

A Ron Paul Meetup in Boulder, Colo.