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Who Should Be 'Person of the Year' ?

OK, our reign is almost over. Time magazine dubbed "you" and me, and the guy next you as Person of the Year for 2006.

Will another "concept person" earn the honor in 2007, or will it be a flesh-and-blood newsmaker who has made a significant impact on the world? It's an 80 year old tradition and the '07 list of contenders is out. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning. Al Gore? Vladimir Putin? Steve Jobs?

Your thoughts on the list? Your suggestions for other candidates? Mine: A child chewing on the bottom of a painted toy wearing a T-shirt that's the Chinese flag.



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Now, I know today's show was longer than 4:41 -- what's up with the broken podcast?

Sent by Stewart | 5:21 PM | 12-18-2007

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should win, hands down. Why?

1. He was the public face of the "Axis of Evil" in 2007.

2. He gave that wonderful speech at Columbia University.

3. "There are no gays in Iran" . . . And the related SNL music video.

4. The recent intelligence report saying that Iran did not have an active nuclear weapons program since 2003.

5. Reports earlier in the year that his country was possibly, for a period of time, supplying Iraqi insurgents with IEDs.

6. He was runner-up in the "Sexiest World Leader Alive" contest.

Sent by Will G | 8:20 PM | 12-18-2007

I'd like to nominate Allison Stewart. Just kidding. But seriously, she makes news fun and interesting without being mean-spirited (are you listening, Keith!)--whether on radio or TV. Since I got Sirius and have so many options I kind of stopped listening to NPR. Then, on a long car trip I discovered BPP and love it. What a great, lively show that NPR has put together. (Is it OK to say lively and NPR in the same sentence?)

Allison, you have a great future, and a not-too-shabby present!

Sent by Ray Paulick | 8:26 PM | 12-18-2007

I'm against Steve Jobs. Every year a big gadget gets released but I don't see what the big deal about the iPhone is other than the sheer unstoppable amount of marketing Apple has put towards it.

Sent by alice | 2:49 PM | 12-19-2007