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A Fashion Blast from the Past


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Do you wonder what was fashionable in the 1980s? I mean, what was really fashionable — as in, stuff you could make yourself and then wear?

Well, imagine getting two years' worth of vintage Vogue Patterns magazines delivered to your door.

That's what happened at my apartment last month. Every few days, a new Vogue Patterns would show up in the day's mail, addressed to my landlord — who hasn't lived there since the late '80s, from what I understand.

My roommate and I were shocked, amused and uncertain what to do. It just seemed entirely wrong to throw these things out, after they've spent 20 years in transit, struggling to deliver their message of What's Hot Now! — even if "now" is really 1987. For now, they're on our coffee table.



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I am mind-boggled that these things keep arriving piecemeal. What possible explanation can there be for that much mail to arrive that late, but not all at once?

Sent by Tricia, NPR | 12:35 PM | 1-8-2008

That's absolutely bizarre - hang on to those magazines with your life. Sure would love to find out what the delay was... could be an interesting story.

Sent by Jon Foreman | 10:36 PM | 1-15-2008