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Sundance Fever 2008

Alison at Sundance: Watch This Trailer

Host Alison Stewart sounds in fine form after our three-studio extravaganza today. We had Korva Coleman newscasting from D.C., Rachel Martin hosting from home base in New York and Alison in Salt Lake City at member station KCPW.

Alison writes:

OUR FIRST REMOTE! And it went off pretty smoothly. We had the iChat going, e-mail and in-house ENPS to make it all go well.

It was disorienting to go into the studio when it was dark (3:40 a.m.) and leave the studio when it was still dark (7:15).

The plan today...head to Park City and talk to filmmakers of Goliath.
Please watch this trailer. It's great.

Then we might stay and watch some documentaries and such...although I bucking for a BPP field trip to see CLOVERFIELD.

More to come ..

P.S. — It's up to 23 degrees.