Director Corrector : The Bryant Park Project Correction: No fur on director's boots.
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From North Face

I'm excited about our show's Sundance trip. I'm also nervous about the Sundance trip. Sometimes nerves can cause little mistakes. I'd like to come clean with you about a little mistake.

When we were talking about Sundance on the show this morning, I got on the air and talked about the new boots I bought in anticipation of snowy snowy conditions in Park City, Utah. And I wasn't entirely accurate in describing one of the features. I think I described the boots as having "fur."

Hold on a sec while I check the tape.

Yep. "I have boots. They have fur."

Which was, as I mentioned above, inaccurate. The truth: I have boots. They have faux fur. I know you hold the BPP to the highest standards of truth and accuracy, and I would hate to think that my blunder might cause your faith in us to falter.

So. Just to be clear. No animals were harmed in the making of the faux fur collar on my new boots.

I'm pretty sure the leather on the boots came from a real animal, though.