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Went looking for websites that help you predict things — part of a segment we had on the show today — and came back with The Charlotte King Effect: Biological Earthquake Prediction.

Turns out Charlotte King's first claim to fame is that she predicted the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helen's with 12 minutes. Don't try that at home — unless you so happen to be a fellow "biological sensitive." King writes:

If you walk into a room and bump into furniture or you go to pour some juice and miss the glass, or go to put sugar in your tea and end up with sugar on the table, you may be clumsy, or you may be a potential biological sensitive..

If you go to pick up your car keys or a book and drop it, and pick it up again and again it slips through your fingers, these are all symptoms of
problems being caused by depth perception, which is affected by the EMF
changes your body is responding to..

After the jump, more prediction sites (and please, add your own faves in the comments).

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