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Ida Performs at the BPP

Formed in 1992 by Daniel Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell in Brooklyn, Ida was recognized immediately for its innovative indie-rock-meets-folk flavor. Since then, they have toured the country with Sunny Day Real Estate and Low, among others. But when Littleton and Mitchell had their first child, Storey, a new chapter opened for Ida...they started making music for children, too. Now Ida has two audiences, but they think of their music as one cohesive whole - and they hope that none of their music has an age limit.

Check them out doing "Green Green Rocky Road" on the BPP last week:



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They are awesome! Thanks to the producers of this show for such well chosen guests.

Sent by jodi | 8:32 PM | 1-28-2008

Go Ida go, it's beautiful.

Sent by randy | 8:52 PM | 1-28-2008

ellawood snock

Sent by ellawood snock | 11:46 PM | 1-28-2008

I love Elizabeth Mitchell's voice. I have a couple of the kid's records she's done, and our little guy loves them. Thanks for posting this.

Hey, who was that dancing in the control booth? That was kinda cute.

Sent by Sky Bluesky | 12:04 PM | 1-29-2008

It's absolutely beautiful! Thank you for making this available to us.

Sent by Merri Williams | 12:12 PM | 1-29-2008

I love it! My family has enjoyed Little Bird Records music, and this was a real treat! We hope to see more of them! Thanks!

Sent by Susana Lucero | 12:25 PM | 1-29-2008

I like it when Storey sang.

Sent by Abby, age 5 1/2 | 3:45 PM | 1-29-2008

We have been fans of their stuff in the past and it's great to see them get much deserved attention...

Sent by chris | 4:01 PM | 1-29-2008

The dancing person was a member of the "Ida" family, I believe she's Elizabeth's mom and Storey's grandmother. They were all very nice people and Storey is a great girl.

Sent by Tricia, NPR | 6:26 PM | 1-29-2008

Little guys love them and so does this big old guy.

Sent by papagreg | 7:25 PM | 1-29-2008

William and his Mom are so, so happy! We have watched this 4 times, and every time, we clap at the end. Beautiful job!

Sent by Sylvia Korver | 8:09 PM | 1-29-2008

Eva (5) and Jordi (2) Fuentes, my day care charges, LOVE the Little Bird CD. Eva is convinced Storey could be her best friend, and Jordi brings me the CD when he wants to go to sleep. Thanks for the video NPR!

Sent by Janet Cook | 8:38 PM | 1-29-2008

I am Sylvia Korver's mom and William's GRANDma. I bought William his first Elizabeth Mitchell CD. Sylvie and William were immediately hooked! I use the music in my first grade classroom. Thank you! You have enriched so many lives- Gratefully yours- Sunni Eilers

Sent by Sunni Eilers | 9:24 PM | 1-29-2008

All I can say is thanks for sharing that absouletly beautiful music. May your songs be heard all over the world.

Sent by Eva Gara | 4:43 AM | 1-30-2008

We love Liz and Dan and Storey over here in London, England! Thank you so much for posting this!

Sent by Rebecca | 5:46 PM | 1-30-2008

Thank you for sharing your beautiful music! I'm a preschool teacher and Elizabeth Mitchell's songs get played in our school almost everyday, on CD and then by me on guitar or another teacher on autoharp! Great to see you play "live" all the way in Oregon! Play on!

Sent by Liz | 9:26 PM | 1-30-2008

Storey is such a brave girl and has such a sweet voice...just like her Mama. I hope Storey can come to perform at Rock Camp this summer. the girls would be inspired by her. :) Alison

Sent by Alison Mazer | 3:01 PM | 4-25-2008


Sent by john underwood | 4:08 PM | 4-25-2008

I loved this! I've never heard them before, but that's going to change now.

Sent by mo | 5:20 PM | 5-3-2008

That was absolutely awesome. You three are the bomb! I love you soooo

Sent by Eva Gara | 1:04 PM | 6-23-2008