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Listeners, Unite: Join the BPP's Twitter-lution!

Thanks to the really smart Rob Paterson, we're going over the edge with Twitter. Twitter, for the rookies, is equal parts cocktail party, Instant Messenger and microblog. You can check out our feed,, complete with on-air posts from show host Alison Stewart.

We love this thing already, but Rob Paterson has an idea for taking it a step further. Here's the deal. "Follow" our feed. Then "follow" each other's. I'll be sending out an e-mail of volunteers for this little experiment later. If you want to play, leave a note in the comments, please. After the jump, a list of volunteers. "Follow" their feeds, everyone, and volunteers, return the love.

Report back, please, in the Twitter-verse!

Thanks to all the early volunteers. More coming.




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I want to play. I already follow.
I am Book_lady_127 at Twitter

Sent by Sue Wargo | 10:01 AM | 1-16-2008

Sign me up. I'm Kristasphere at Twitter.

Sent by Kristasphere | 10:32 AM | 1-16-2008

Gi Book lady - following you now

Sent by Robert Paterson | 10:34 AM | 1-16-2008

I'll play. I've been addicted to twitter for some time now. Tweet!

Sent by wareagle | 11:11 AM | 1-16-2008

I'm in: calanan

Sent by Mike Calanan | 11:17 AM | 1-16-2008

ooh, ooh, pick me: sumrtime!
I'll be sure to be on it more this way.

Sent by Summer Ash | 11:23 AM | 1-16-2008

I think it's possible to set up a bpp group of sorts, having every message containing a keyword (like bpp) get posted to a separate twitter feed. That way, you can follow one twitter feed and see everyone who's mentioned bpp. Let me see if I can get it up and running.

Sent by andy carvin | 11:48 AM | 1-16-2008

why not: barmyFP

Sent by Stewart | 12:16 PM | 1-16-2008

Okay, I'm game: allyourtv

Sent by Rick Ellis | 12:51 PM | 1-16-2008

@BPP: I'd like to play...
I'm mergecross

Sent by Charlie | 1:12 PM | 1-16-2008

Check this out. I just set up a twitter account called BPPdiner. Any time you post a tweet and reference bpp, it'll appear in that account's feed, making it easy for all of us to follow each other's bpp-related tweets. it's still experimental, but please check it out. (I'm acarvin, btw.)

Sent by andy carvin, npr | 1:42 PM | 1-16-2008

I'm in if you still need Twiterers; already sue Twitter to update a local news site I do.

Sent by David Hollis, Hamilton, NY | 2:57 PM | 1-16-2008

Guess I should have added, I am: RFH

Sent by David Hollis, Hamilton, NY | 3:04 PM | 1-16-2008

No thanks, still don't see the use or point of Twitter.

Sent by alice | 4:18 PM | 1-16-2008

I'm in!

Sent by Doug Haslam | 5:20 PM | 1-16-2008

Sent by Steve Petersen | 10:43 PM | 1-16-2008

Alright, I'll bite:

Sent by Cheshire Katz | 6:49 PM | 1-23-2008

good stuff, I'm

Sent by Mark | 1:04 AM | 1-28-2008

I listen and follow bpp in boston. love it. Here is my twitter feed. @stephaniemar

Sent by Stephanie-Marie | 9:46 AM | 4-30-2008

"You say you wanna twitterlution?!"

Sent by Liam | 10:53 AM | 4-30-2008

Me too!

Sent by Erica | 1:24 PM | 4-30-2008

@alice Check Twitter out. It's not only fun, it's informative.

Sent by Ayse | 8:54 AM | 5-1-2008

I want in!

Sent by Susie | 3:12 PM | 5-1-2008

LOVE the BPPdiner idea, Andy! I've been trying to figure out a way to find interesting, like-minded folks to follow...this just may be the ticket!

Sent by Shazzer | 1:13 PM | 5-3-2008

Too late to join your twitter followers?

I'm thinking about taking Matt up on his drinking with the BPP idea. I'm thinking hard.

Sent by Dave Wiley | 7:49 PM | 7-15-2008

I have contacted some people on your post and i am in, or is that vice versa? either way count me in.

Sent by Steven J Oberman | 4:13 PM | 7-19-2008

Sent by Matthew and Kerry from | 1:14 PM | 7-24-2008

and me! @olevia

Sent by Cheri Campbell | 1:17 PM | 7-24-2008

Me too! I'm

Sent by Sarah | 1:32 PM | 7-24-2008

Please count me in also...

Sent by Jane | 3:11 PM | 7-24-2008

whoo hoo! Thanks Andy C. for being such a smartypants! Please add me.

Sent by ashley l | 3:43 PM | 7-24-2008

Count me in.

Sent by David M. | 1:34 AM | 7-25-2008

Sent by Marc Naimark | 4:49 AM | 7-25-2008

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