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Sundance Filmmaker Strikes a Deal

This past weekend we met up with director Mark Pellington at Sundance, and got a chance to chat with him about his new film, "Henry Poole Is Here," starring Luke Wilson.

Tuesday morning in Park City, Pellington closed a seven-figure distribution deal with Overture Entertainment. But making "Poole" was about more than a paycheck for Pellington, who lost his wife a few years back. He told the BPP on Sunday that the experience was part of the healing process.

The last time Pellington was at Sundance was 11 years ago, when he was screening his first film, Going All the Way. Since then, he's made critically acclaimed movies like Arlington Road, The Mothman Prophecies and a slew of notable music videos.

He's also responsible for the 3D concert film on megaband U2, which was another big ticket flick at Sundance this year.