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Sundancing, Day 3

Two days down at Sundance, and here's how things have gone:

Thursday - we tried to get our bearings, did some interviews, gathered audio and video, and got ready for our remote broadcast of Friday's BPP radio show from KCPW in Salt Lake City.

Friday - left the hotel at 3:15 am (gotta love that time difference) to get to KCPW for the big show, finished and left KCPW before the sun came up, drove up to Park City. We felt a little more confident yesterday, having completed one show successfully, but we're nowhere near the seasoned Sundance pros that have just blanketed the city in the past 48 hours. Grabbed a couple of interviews with filmmakers, chatted with Alex Rivera, saw Morgan Spurlock and his moustache, and tried in vain to get a wi-fi signal to work at the Sundance press hq.

After two indie-heavy days, we had big plans to come back to SLC and catch a showing of Cloverfield, but sometimes life has other plans for you. After sitting down on the bed at 7pm to "check my email," I woke up at 2am, fully dressed, and had to decide whether it was worth the energy it would cost to reach over and turn off the light next to my bed.

Similar fates for Win and for Alison, who reported at breakfast that she woke up being choked by her Sundance press credentials. Metaphor alert!