This Title Alone Took Me Seven Words : The Bryant Park Project Why would cell phone lit remind us of a writer from 1906?
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This Title Alone Took Me Seven Words

We're hard at work on tomorrow's show. I'm setting up a guy who writes stories, 350 words or less, for cell phones. Pashman is working on a thing about six-word memoirs, and everybody else is still on the twitter crack, in 140 characters or less.

Yup, all sorts of people out there doing cool things with few words. But before six-word memoirs, before cell phone stories, before even cell phones, there was Felix Feneon. He reported tales of crime and depravity for the French newspaper Le Matin in 1906, always anonymously, always in three lines. Below, Feneon explained by Luc Sante, who translated his work. You'll want to click ahead to 24:30: