Video: Yo-Yo Guy Bends Space/Time Continuum

Extreme yo-yo guy Pat Cuartero just blew our minds in the studio. Pat runs a website called YoYo Nation, and he and his crew got together to show us some sweet tricks.
Check it out.

Pat Cuartero explains the magic.



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Oh my holy crap wow

Sent by Chillag | 9:43 AM | 1-24-2008

Oooo... neat.

And did I hear a bit of CSS as one of the many musical backdrops in the first video?

Sent by Will G | 12:20 PM | 1-24-2008

Pat, Weber and Kentaro are the men! Were I inclined to purchase yo-yos online, they're the guys I'd click to!

Sent by Joe | 11:24 PM | 1-24-2008

Unbelievable! These guys are fantastic. Great way to keep kids minds and hands from having too much free time.

Sent by Jeff W. | 9:19 PM | 1-25-2008