How Do You Feel About These Super Bowl Ads?

Two of last night's Super Bowl ads seem to be getting extra heat on the Interwebs — and not the good kind of heat. The San Francisco Chronicle called this ad "most likely to result in the first Super Bowl ad apology of the season."

As for this next one...I don't have kids, so I'm not an expert on what freaks them out, but I have a feeling this ad might qualify:

What do you guys think? Is either ad offensive and/or inappropriate?



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I thought it was her boob exploding when I saw this last night. I was traumatized - maybe damaged for life.

Sent by Jeff | 9:12 AM | 2-4-2008

As a panda, I'm offended that we would be depicted as unable to differentiate between food bamboo and furniture bamboo. Apologize now or we will launch a short-lived series on ABC.

Sent by Kevbo | 9:36 AM | 2-4-2008

I don't really see what's offensive about the panda's admittedly a little cheesy to give them a Chinese accent, but it's not like they have slanty eyes, do kung-fu, and constantly confuse "r" for "l".

I think this is a culture that is becoming way too oversensitive, and just the fact that a commercial doesn't portray a cartoon panda as intelligent and cultured should not force a company to issue an apology. That's just ridiculous.

Sent by Greg | 10:06 AM | 2-4-2008

The Panda commercial really offended me. As did the one for the same company that appeared earlier in the night with the Indian guy and his family. It reminded me of the insensitivity those A&F t shirts from a few years back that were banned. (Wong Brothers Laundry service) and their Marketing dept should be ashamed.

Sent by Sarah | 11:29 AM | 2-4-2008

The Career Builder add is just plain odd.

Sent by Julia Havelick | 11:36 AM | 2-4-2008

"As a panda ..."


Yes on the first one - that was an atrocious and never should have seen the light of day.

I sorta loved the second ad, as bizarre as it was. I suppose kids might be a bit freaked out by someone's heart leaping out of their chest, but hey - it's a learning moment! And just a few days before Valentine's day. "See, sweetie, that's what your heart looks like - not that weird curvy pattern on the chocolate box."

Sent by Sky Bluesky | 12:03 PM | 2-4-2008


Just goes to show how tanked the economy is. Seriously, think about it:

Superbowl ads are usually about things people buy. But in this Superbowl, there were 2 ads (atleast, i didn't watch the bowl and the other commercials) simply about finding a means to make a living.

Sent by Brian | 1:52 PM | 2-4-2008

The panda ad is totally racist!!!

Sent by Booo! | 2:01 PM | 2-4-2008

Alright Brian! It's good to know that there is at least one other person who didn't watch. Judging from the coworker conversations I've been overhearing today, we're a minority.

Sent by Maura | 2:04 PM | 2-4-2008

Worst thing to say about some of the ads is they were unimaginative. Give kids some credit ... they see worse than that on many TV shows. And, let's face it, most have received enough punishment already: they blew, what, $250,000 per spot? As for me, give me dancing lizards any day! Was truamatized by one lizard eating the grasshopper! Oh no!

Sent by David Hollis, Hamilton, NY | 2:10 PM | 2-4-2008

If I were Asian, the panda ad would be offensive. It is very sterotypical. The heart add is stupid and nasty. It does look like her boob. It would have been better if the add wasn't anatomically correct and it came out of the center of her chest or if it was a guy. Either way it was stupid and ineffective. Although we are talking about it the next day.

Sent by Jim Trenton | 4:07 PM | 2-4-2008

When I was reading the article heading, I was thinking these would be some really offensive, overly-edgy ads. They're not.

I'm not really sure how anyone is going to see how depicting pandas eating bamboo furniture with Chinese accents is racist or offensive, it's ridiculous. (By the way, about the second ad; it's a heart, you've seen one before, get over it.)

Sent by Phil Jones | 6:02 PM | 2-4-2008

These ads really suck. America has lost so much of its creativity due to corporate ignorance and greed. Im pretty sure has lost many of its Asian customers.

Sent by noorizer | 8:54 PM | 2-4-2008

"Just goes to show how tanked the economy is." There are too few who focus on the subtleties, Brian. I thought most ads were either cliche (Budwieser horse training to the Rocky theme) or just stupid (panda ad). The lack of creative forces shown this Super Bowl would all be solved if the Gieco marketing dept could share some love.

Sent by Steve | 12:57 AM | 2-6-2008

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