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If We'd Known Jill Homer Would Be This Fast . . .

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Puntilla Lake weather, 2.26.08: High of 20, low of 3

As I write these words, snow cyclist Jill Homer is probably pedaling her way through some nameless portion of the Alaska interior. Homer's riding the 350-mile version of the Iditarod Trail Invitational. The latest news from the race has her pulling into the Puntilla checkpoint (mile 165) still in the women's biking lead. She got there at 3:45 this morning and left again at 8:55. (Thanks for the update, @buttermilk1)

And then there's her boyfriend, Geoff Roes, who's running the race. He's ahead of the foot pack, checking in at Fingerlake (mile 130) last night at 11:56. No word on when he left out again.

Another interesting note: Champion cyclist Peter Basinger broke a pedal and had to wait for a new one on the next mail plane. He then caught up to the pack at Puntilla, pulling in at 9:40 p.m. — 1:35 later than the leader. Basinger and the leader, Jay Petervary left again at 1:05 a.m., a half hour after another pair. A few years back, Basinger reportedly decided to stick with a racer he thought was in trouble on the course, settling for a share of first place to help another person. Don't know about you, but I'm so with that.

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Looks like Roes scratched at Fingerlake after a 12 hour rest. Too bad, he was scorching up 'til then.

Sent by purple R | 1:27 AM | 2-27-2008

Does this show ever do any real news? Unbelievable amount of fluff here. It's like everyone is just regurgitating their own personal interest instead of looking at big picture news things in a fresh way.

Sent by Bored to with BPP | 2:46 PM | 2-27-2008

I've been reading Jill's blog for well over a year now. The girl never moans or brags, she just shares her extreme outdoor training adventures in succinct prose and with excellent photos. I remember her pondering whether to enter the Iditarod and then committing to it. I've read her training and gear prep posts with interest and inspiration. Now she's out there, deep in the Alaskan wilderness on the historic Iditarod course and she is kicking ass. I have supreme confidence in her abilities to deal with the inevitable adversities which will only get more intense as she digs into her physical reserves. I would love to have seen the grins on the lead men's faces as they were sitting in the Rhohn Roadhouse and Jill Homer barged in to sign the check sheet! I can't wait to see the time-in/time-out updates on Checkpoint 5 and 6.
Well done BPP for picking up on this fascinating story, for the interviews with Jill and for your tight race coverage.

Sent by aucillasinks | 4:42 PM | 2-27-2008

real news? people are out there, and have been out there for 4 days now traveling through the alaskan wilderness under their own power, sometimes for as long as 30-40 hours at a time without rest and you're asking for less fluff? it doesn't get any more real than that.

Sent by mrship | 8:51 PM | 2-28-2008