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Jill Homer Takes a Nap

After worrying all day about snow cyclist Jill Homer, I'm happy to report that the reason she stopped making progress on the Iditarod Trail Invitational leaderboard is that she'd pulled off by the side of the trail to catch 40 winks. Or 400. The report from Alaska:

Jill told them that she was falling asleep while riding her bike and decided to stop otherwise she was fine.

Her boyfriend, Geoff Roes, finally reached her by phone. He says she has made it to Nikolai and plans to head out early Saturday for the last 50 miles of the 350-mile race. He writes, "She's had a couple tough days with lots of walking, wind, and cold but she is feeling strong and is planning to get some sleep and get up early for the final push on to McGrath."

Get those pancakes ready, y'all. After the jump, a Google map.

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McGrath weather, 03.01.08: High of 5, low of -18. The more famous dog race also uses this course, with the mushers starting out Saturday.