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Watching Puppy Bowl IV (we flipped to the Super Bowl during commercials) last night, I wondered just how the good people at Animal Planet found the many cute puppies they threw onto the miniature football field. Was there a draft? Is there a minor puppy league? And most importantly, how could I obtain such puppies?

Drunk on cuteness, I went to work to get these questions answered. I managed to track down Abbigale Rottenbottom Glasby, the PetSmart MVP of Puppy Bowl IV. She chose to speak through her agent, Dwight Glasby of Manassas, Virginia.

Normally, Dwight tells me, the Puppy Bowl people pick among puppies up for adoption at shelters, but for some reason this year there was a paucity of puppies. A woman at Dwight's local pet store knew this, had a connection, and let him know. Dwight sent in Abbigale's picture, and the next thing they knew she was going to the dance.

They started filming, it was a good eight hours. You know, Abbi hardly ever took a nap. She was out on the set just going crazy most of the day. It was a day of chaos. Even in the green room, they were raring to go.

That's right. There's a green room at Puppy Bowl. More after the jump.

Abbigale had several memorable moments out on the field. The highlight for Dwight?

I would have to say when she got penalized for the splashing, that was classic. She loves tearing into the water bowl here at home.

Is Abbigale getting a big head after being named MVP in her rookie game?

I don't think she's aware that she became famous. We are still waiting for the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid she won for MVP.

We may not have seen the last of Abbigale Rottenbottom Glasby on Animal Planet. Dwight says she plans to enter the Jack Russell Terrier races at the Gold Cup later this year.



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admit it: you had it going picture-in-picture.

Sent by matty | 5:02 PM | 2-4-2008

Matty: I admit it. by the way, please tune in for my five part series on the Kitten Halftime Show.

Sent by Ian Chillag, NPR | 5:54 AM | 2-5-2008

Absolutely love Puppy Bowl Sunday! I want to find out how to become the referee. Also, who is the announcer?
This year was the best, so far, because the commentary was more fun.
I always DVR it and keep it on as long as I can to cheer me up when I'm having a bad day.

Sent by ilovepuppies | 11:52 AM | 2-5-2008

kitten halftime = mindblowing. you know the urban legend about how disneyland has a room completely painted white, w/ only a giant frowning mickey face, where they stick patrons who freak out on drugs? kitten halftime would destroy that room.

Sent by matty | 1:02 PM | 2-5-2008

Thank you so much "ilovepuppies"! I am so glad to hear that I am not the only person to TiVo this and keep it for those not so happy days. I just deleted last year's Puppy Bowl a couple weeks ago and it served me well this past year. It's also nice to put on when I am cleaning the house and don't want something playing that I would have to sit down and pay attention to. Much as I am a football fan, I absolutely adore the Puppy Bowl and look forward to it every year. The camera under the water dish is my favorite shot!

Sent by Tucker'sfavoriteperson | 1:40 PM | 2-5-2008

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