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Election 2008

Pesca Checks In: A Unified Theory of the Democrats

NPR's Mike Pesca — we love saying that — sends this calculation from Super Tuesday.

Pesca writes:

I added up the vote totals for all states that had primaries last night (rounded off to the nearest thousand).

Hillary 7,270,000 = 50.8%
Barack 7,027,000 = 49.2%

HOWEVER, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota and North Dakota had caucuses, so we don't know their exact votes. Obama won them all. My theory is that exactly as many Democrats voted for Barack Obama last night as voted for Hillary Clinton, and no one can disprove my theory.

Pesca adds that there are something like 150,000 votes that still await counting, which could unravel the whole thing. Stay tuned.



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I live in a state that doesn't vote until May, I feel this system needs some "changes". I will vote DEM no matter who the party puts up. so right no it's like a beauty pagent!

Sent by Peg Fisher | 8:20 AM | 2-7-2008